Brondell Heated Toilet Seats

Brondell Heated Toilet Seats Hi everyone and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. This time we are going to chat about Brondell Heated Toilet Seats. We will check out why there heated seats are so good. How to choose which one you need for your toilet bowl and most of all telling you where you can …

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Why Buy Big Johns Toilet Seats?

toilet seats for big people

Big Johns Toilet Seats Hello everyone and welcome again to another article on toilet seats. This one is about big johns toilet seats and why you should have one. We will also go through why they are the best seats for larger sized people and  most of all where you can get your hands on …

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Elongated Toilet Seat Riser

Elongated Toilet Seat Riser

Elongated Toilet Seat Riser When the time come’s to buy a raised toilet seat you will have two choices really. Standard toilet seat riser and a elongated toilet seat riser. If you can’t tell the difference by just looking at it then you will need to measure your toilet bowl to see which one you …

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