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how to fix a leaking toilet

What your going to learn in this guide is to work out where the leak is and which section you need to fix.

bidet toilet seat reviews

If you have been searching and looking online to buy a bidet seat,

How To Replace A Tap Washer In Australia

Today is a quick tutorial and will show you how to replace a tap washer.

Welcome to Ezyfix Plumbing

A place where you can learn more about how-tos, guides on getting some basic information on plumbing for the Home Owner or DIY Self Handyman.

With a ton of different DIY and plumbing jobs around the home, we’ll try and cover the most basic how-tos and tutorials to help show you about fixing them.

Straight out of the box… I must state Unless you know ya shit… Never play with GAS or Electricity

Both can KILL. So please know your limits. In fact, I would go to the point in saying that we just recommend you get a professional if you need to work with either of them.

My disclaimer: 

I can show you my way of doing things and following our rules and regulations. I must state that here in Australia you must be a licensed plumber to carry out plumbing works, even on your won property.

The risk can be no insurance if anything happens, so just bear that in mind.

That includes changing tap washers, removing and installing new showerheads, ripping out the water-saving device, or even changing a leaking garden tap.

Personally I couldn’t give to shits, so this is why I am making these how-to guides so you can at least do them right for all my country folks living in the remote areas, I’ve been, done, and lived any many areas in the remoteness of Australia.

Take note that I won’t sugar coat stuff and I say it as I see it. Some of my videos may have bad languaged and if this offends you then hit the back button and find another chump.

With all that fluff out of the way.

We have also decided to try and review some of the most popular tools, taps, toilet seats on the market. Of course, we didn’t purchase all of them… But we have done a review on what we think is the “best bang for your buck” products.

About Me

Hi there, my name is Jack, and this is my blog— I’ve worked in the plumbing industry for over 30 years now, during which time, I’ve worked with a variety of organizations, companies, and individuals.

I’ve worked in just about all the states as we travel around the country seeing the sights. I’ve lived and worked in all the states apart from Tassie, been there tho and Canberra. Been there too.

The top end is my fav and my favorite holes is the Vic river and the daly.

As a plumber I may do things differently from others, and there are many ways to skin a rabbit. I’m a licensed plumber and legally allowed to carry out plumbing works in my own country, Australia

I’m sure using our guides and reviews we can help you find the right help for the job today!