DIY Plumbing Guide

Welcome To DIY Plumbing Guide.

A place where you can learn more about how to get some basic information about plumbing for the Home Owner or Do It Your Self Handyman.

Now because there are a plethora of different DIY plumbing jobs for around the home we will try and cover the most basic ones and how you can go about fixing them.

Now we solely recommend 2 things here straight from the gecko. Never play with GAS or Electrical. Both are bad and can KILL. You can’t see either of them so know your limits. In fact, I would go to the point in saying that we just recommend you get a professional if you need to work with either of them.

We have also decided to try and review some of the most popular fittings and faucets on the market. Of course, we didn’t purchase all of them… But we have done a review on what we think is the “best bang for your buck” products. Check out the list in the reviews column. We will always be updating our reviews list so make sure you keep checking.

Most of our review content is base on actual customer reviews that reside on amazon (Our preferred choice to buy from).

In the meantime check out the awesome videos below to get some more tips on how to weld copper pipe and what tools you need… ENJOY

As you can see there is a fair bit into just even doing basic plumbing for around the home. With all the different tools and equipment we need. I hope we have helped you in any way and thanks for calling in to check us out



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