What Is The Best Toilet Seat For Big People

big johns toilet seats
big johns toilet seats

Best Toilet Seat For Big People

Hi all and welcome to another article about toilet seats. This time we are going to talk what is the best toilet seat for big people. We will go through why we selected Big Johns seats and where you can get them from for the right price.

So what is the best seat?

When the time comes to choose a new heavy toilet seat there are quite a few different brand and shapes out there. As a plumber by profession i have installed quite a few seats over the time of my life and what i have found is that for quality and reliability Big Johns heavy duty toilet seats are the go.

Being made to suit most standard and elongated american toilet bowls and come in either a 2.5 inch or 1.5 inch rise. There all ADA(Americans with Disability Act) approved so you know they are well made and been tested.

Constructed of the best materials possible so you know you have quality there. Having synthetic rubber bumpers that sit under the seat that grips the seat to the porcelain of the toilet bowl stopping it from shifting when carrying out any transfers.

Using stainless steel hinges to mount the seat to the toilet bowl. There lightest carrying seat capacity is 800 lbs and that is for the Big John Standard Toilet seat up to 1200 lbs for the Big John Original Toilet seat.

Big Johns seats has a full range of different seats to suit everyone’s needs. Since there are 7 different seats you have to choose from you will have to make sure that you choose the right one as quite often there are no returns due to health risks.

Big John toilet seats not only just have toilet seats they have support mounts that connect to under the toilet bowl. They work with in conjunction to the existing wall carriers to help distribute the weight helping to increase  the weight capacity 350 lbs to 1000 lbs.

big john toilet seat parts
big john toilet seat parts

There heavy duty toilet jacks are the least expensive method to prevent broken wall hung style toilets. Meet Bariatric Center of Excellence standards for handicapped toilets and bariatric toilets.

The support mounts are easy to install and discreetly mounts under most wall mounted toilets which they help to provide extra vertical support

What Else They Have?

Big John doesn’t just have the best heavy duty toilet seats in the business they also have support bracket, window and door stoppers and hygiene spays. There newest addition to the range of there products is the commode chair.

Last Words

As you can see why Big Johns Toilet seats are the best for large or over sized people. They are made to the best standard, takes pride in there quality and best of all Made In The USA. Big John is always looking for new and better ways on how to make things better for the larger sized community. If you want to learn more about our best seat for the job then check out our review.

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