What Is The Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

What Is The Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Hi everyone and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. This article is about what is the best bidet toilet seat either for the home or office. We will run through what is a bidet, why we recommend the Luxe brand of bidet toilet seat and most importantly where you can purchase it from for the best possible price knowing you are getting value for money at time of writing this article.

What Is A Bidet ?

Bidets have become a not a trend as such but more of a environmentally friendly way to clean up after using the toilet. They are suited for both male and females apart and are used all over the world. They are mainly used to wash and clean around the genitalia and intimate areas once done. There not made to replace toilet paper by no means as a real bidet(not a toilet seat type bidet) has only a small drain hole for the liquid to go down an no solids. Sorry people trying to be nice and polite here.

Historically early functions of the bidet are believed to include devices used for contraception. Thank goodness for modern technology and medicines to help with that these days.

What Is The Best Value Bidet For The Price?

After all our researching and talking to some customers we have narrowed it down to the Luxe Bidet Neo 120. Our reasons are as follow. The best electric bidet toilet seat check these out here<<

Cleaning Ability- It’s a fresh water connecting bidet with a pressure control knob that sits to the side of the seat making it simple and easy to clean your self which in it self will cut down on toilet paper usage. Will improve hygiene and leave you with a refreshingly clean feeling.

DIY Install– It’s a Easy Do It Your Self installation and for a average person with a bit of an idea will take about 20-30 minutes. The only tools that you will need is a screw driver and an adjustable wrench. All the instructions are in the box when you purchase so there is no problem there.

Quality Parts And Manufacturing- Well made for the price. You will never get a better quality bidet for under $100 (at time of writing) and that in it’s self is just one reason why it’s the best. The Neo 120 does feature high grade quality valves and fittings and a standard size braided steel hose for water connection.

Retractable Nozzle With Guard- There is a retractable nozzle that only drops below the gate when the bidet is turned on. When there is no water running to the bidet the nozzle will remain retracted and under double protection behind the nozzle guard gate.

Last Words

As you can see you can’t go wrong with our recommendation of the Luxe Neo 120. You get the best value for money and you get a very well made bidet toilet seat. Will fit most 2 piece toilets and passed the widely accepted ASME plumbing standards for manufacturing materials, durability and water pressure requirements. The Luxe Brand has been voted one of the best name products in the market with only one thing that drives them to be better then what they are now is customer satisfactory.

We have a full review on our top pick on DIY Plumbing Guide if you want to check it out and you can do your own research about it as well. You wont have to research to far tho to know that it is the best non mechanical bidet toilet seat.

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