What Is The Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

Hello all and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. This article we are going to look at what is the best shower head for low water pressure, how it works and, most of all where you can purchase one for the right price and not be ripped off.

What Is A Low Water Pressure Shower Head?

Do you have low crappie water pressure to the shower? You have had a plumber out and has checked everything out to find it’s all good. It’s just one of those things he says when the home was built. They used to small a pipe and as more people are using the water less pressure everyone gets. Well did you now that it could be as simple as replacing the old shower head and simply installing a new low flow high pressure shower head made by WantBa

What a low pressure high flow shower head does is it turns the low volume of water flowing through the shower head into high pressure offering a consistent powerful spray that performs even under low water pressure. What this means for you is that it allows you to have the shower you have always wanted with out expensive outlay of replacing pipes or rebuilding and renovation the family home.

How does it work?

A low water flow high pressure shower head is designed to deliver high water pressure with the same amount of water flow normally around 2.5 gallons per minute.

How this is achieved is by either having adjustable spray settings or a pressure chamber design. An adjustable spray simply condense the water spray from the head from a larger hole to smaller holes but in saying that will also make the streams hard and stronger. A pressure chamber works by adding air and pressure to the shower water, forcing the water out at higher pressure.

What Is The Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure?

If you want a low flow high pressure shower head to turn you crappie shower into the shower you have always wanted then you need a 6″ WantBa Shower head. They are made and designed specifically to use when the water supply to the shower is low. They have a life time warranty and are made to the quality and grade that are used in hotels. Very well priced at just only $29.99(at time of writing) you can’t go wrong. If you want more information about the WantBA shower head then check out our review below

Parting Thoughts

The best shower head that we have recommended above where picked due to it’s high efficiency and the features. It’s popularity, high rating and all the positive feedback from users. We hope that this has helped you find the perfect unit that will enhance your shower experience.

Remember that the information is only a guide.There can be many facts to consider why you have low water pressure but at least you have maybe a non expensive way to at least get a real shower.

If you are looking for more info on the WantBa 6″ shower head then click here