Why Buy Big Johns Toilet Seats?

Big Johns Toilet Seats

Hello everyone and welcome again to another article on toilet seats. This one is about big johns toilet seats and why you should have one. We will also go through why they are the best seats for larger sized people and  most of all where you can get your hands on one for the right price.

Who is Big John?

Big John designs and makes toilet seats as well as toilet Supports, Heimlich Helper, Hygienic Sprayer, the Window and Door Stopper, and now the Commode Chair! They are designed for the use of all people. Most of there products value safety and there well-being for all ages from children, senior citizens and the disabled. There main mission is to make specific products for specific needs that no one else is making or providing.

Once they have created and developed the best product for the job then there next goal is to make them available that is cost efficient to the end uses like us. Already Big John has products that have been patented to prove that he stands by his name and beliefs of providing the best solutions to his customers needs.

Big Johns Product Range

Big John makes a few different types of toilet seats. All up there are 7 different models to choose from so there is going to be a seat that suits your needs.

Big John is renowned not only just his heavy duty toilet seats but also

  • Toilet Supports– They are supports that mount under the toilet bowl to help distribute the weight increasing which in then increases the weight capacity
  • Hygienic Sprayer-  is a handheld attachment that is easily connected to existing toilet water connection turning your toilet in to a bidet. It is the cheapest and simplest way to provide water cleaning power at the touch of a button.
  • Window and Door Stopper- Added Security for Sliding Doors and Windows. Between 1990 and 2008, an average of 5,200 adolescents/year were treated for window falls with and average of 8 deaths/year.
  • Commode Chair– There Commode Chair is perfect for Bedside use when a bathroom might be just out of reach. It can be utilized over toilets to give you the height boost you need.

Below is a video showing how to set up the commode chair and connecting Big John Toilet Seat.

As you can see from the short video it is a simple and easy task to assemble the commode chair and install Big John toilet seat to it.


As you can see Big John Toilet Seats has us covered when needing a heavy duty toilet seat. In fact they cover a whole lot more then just toilet seats for large people. They take that extra stride to make things simple and easy for the larger size community. They embark on there safety putting there customers first making sure all there products are the best that they can be and always have the citizens best interest in mind. If you want to learn more about Big Johns seats then click below


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