Fixed Shower Head Replacement

Fixed Shower Head Replacement

Knowing how to do a fixed shower head replacement is a good feeling once completed. It’s a easy  DIY job for the home owner and below we will explain the easiest way. There is a couple things you will need and will explain them below.

What You Will Need

You will need some thread tap or plumbers tape and a adjustable spanner. If you are not sure what they are then check them out here for bit more info. Also you will need a new shower head to replace the old one. There are a lot of different types and styles of shower heads to choose from and i have done up this post to help with your choices.

Shower Head Replacement Steps

Adjust the spanner to the nut size and losing off the shower head unscrewing the shower head in a anti clockwise motion. Remove any water left in the shower head and arm and drain it out then put to the side. Remove the cover plate that goes over the thread that is sticking out of the wall. This cover plate is only a cosmetic thing that covers up the hole where the thread pokes out and to finish off the appearance. Some times you may have to remove the old thread tape before you can remove the cover plate. I have found that if this is the case a wire brush works well if you have one handy or just try and peel it off.

how to replace a shower head

It doesn’t have to be perfectly clean just enough to remove and install new cover plate.

Now that the cover plate and shower head has been removed first thing we need to do is install the cover plate. Slide the cover plate over the thread and push it up hard against the wall. Apply the thread tape to the thread and as you are looking at the thread wine the thread tape around the thread in a clockwise motion.

Tip- Always wine the thread tape on to any thread as you looking at in a clock wise motion

Now go around the thread doing full circles and go around at least 12 times and keeping the thread tape reasonably tight. It can very

how to replace a shower head

depending on brand and type of thread tape but average is 12- 14 times full circles.

Now once the plumbers tape is on and the cover plate is in position you have almost completed doing you 1st DIY shower head replacement job.

Wind on the shower head which is the same way as you installed the thread tape. As you are looking at the thread go clockwise until you can’t turn the shower head anymore. Once you are at this point to finish off tightening the shower head grab your adjustable spanner then tension up just till the shower head is facing the right position. Adjust the height and angle then turn the water on and test see if any leaks. If all tested ok and there is no leaks you are done

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