How To Choose A Shower Head

When searching looking at how to choose a shower head there is a few things to consider beforehand.

Since there are heaps and heaps of different brands, types, and sizes there is no one head that fits all showers.

I will try and cover the most popular brands and styles from an average price to the high-end shower head market.

Are you in the market for a led shower head or a low flow head?

As you can see the list is endless so I will do my best to cover the main ones that I think worth mention.

Is a rain shower head better or smaller water-saving showerhead be better and these are some of the things I will cover. You will also need some tools for the job and an idea on how to replace a showerhead


Shower Head Flow

The flow rate of a showerhead can vary from head to head and can have a factor when purchasing a new shower head.

Flow rate can vary from 2 GPM up to even 6 GPM (about 8-24 litres/min) or even more.

So if you live in an area with low water pressure and have water use restrictions you are not going to have a high flow head.

Depending on the water pressure you have can change the flow rate as well.

IF say you have an instant hot water system and the heating rate is around 2.5 GPM (about 10 liters/m and have a high flow shower head that does say 4 GPM (about 16 lits/min).

Now no matter how much you turn the hot tap on its only going to have 2.5 GPM coming out at any one time.

So that includes cold water to so could have an 80/20 hot to cold but will still max water flow will be 2.5 GPM.

Remember that it is for instant hot water systems.

An electric storage heater is different tho as there is no regulator to control it.

The water is already heated so as you turn the hot tap on the more it’s on the more it’s going to use until it hits the shower head flow rate which can very from 2.5 GPM to  6, 8 and even more.

If you have a electric storage heater say 40 gallons (180 litres) and have a  flow rate  shower head of 6 GPM (24 litres/p) so that’s about 6-7 minutes done and dusted.

So you can see it doesn’t take long to empty the tank especially in winter when we have longer showers.

Types Of Shower Heads

With a ray of different types of shower heads out there no wonder it’s confusion on what to buy.

I’m a plumber and it’s hard enough for me to choose as my taste in looks and style is different to yours etc.

This part i’m going to run through few different types and styles to cater for everyone i hope.

Starting off with a budget is a good idea as a shower head vary from around the $10 mark up to $1000s of dollars.

Is the shower head for home use or is going into a investment or rental property. These are few things must consider. Below is a list of different ones you can buy.

Standard Shower Heads

Simple standard shower heads are for what i use on a lot of rental properties or rv parks and things like that.

There basic easy design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

There strong robust design makes them ideal for those places that don’t really understand other peoples things and are maybe subject to miss use.

In saying that they are also great for the standard bathroom being a easy to clean Showerhead.

Most are polished chrome which offers durable construction but you can get them in other colours like white or black.

Most standard showerhead features a low flow rate of  around 2.5 GPM. The transitional design complements most decor to create an attractive look for your shower.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld shower head is a universal head in a way that it can be used being fixed to the wall or as it says hand held.

There are quite a few different looks to them but mainly all do the same thing.

The flexible hose makes them ideal for people with a disability who uses a chair to sit on while having a shower.

The hose allows the head to be pulled off the mounting bracket on the wall so you have more control over where the water goes.

You can even use it to washing the dog in the shower if want to.

You can buy them with adjustable heads so can alter the spay pattern on them from a jet to a nice soft spray.

It just has a little lever on the head that turns to change the spray

Rain Fall Shower Head

Rain fall shower head is a type of showerhead designed to mimic falling rain.

Depending on water pressure it can mimic a torrential rain or create a more soft drizzle rain.

These types of rain shower heads are popular in some bathroom designs because they bring a little bit of the outdoors into the house and also provide even water coverage to individuals of all heights without the need for adjustment.

A basic rain fall shower head has a perforated disk with small rubber nipples emerging from each perforation.

When the water is turned on water flows through all of the holes in the disk which creates multiple streams of water which feel like rain.

With more sophisticated and dearer versions you can get them to integrate a pulsing system so that the water forms drops.

These rainfall shower heads is usually positioned directly overhead in the shower so that you can stand underneath it.

You can buy extension arms to suit any shower head if the outlet for the shower head is located on the wall.

Waterfall Shower Head

A waterfall shower head for the bathroom is designed to create an experience similar to standing under a natural waterfall.

Rather than water dispersing through several small nozzles like a rain fall shower head or standard shower heads does.

Most of these type of heads have a very wide mouth looking exit instead of small holes from which a single thick stream of water can flow out.

People who prefer a waterfall shower head to a standard shower head often cite the similarity to bathing in nature as an asset.

The idea behind this type of contemporary shower fixtures are to recreate the look and feel of a waterfall in which a cascading flow of water falls from a height.

To create this type of stream you need the opening of your contemporary shower fixtures resembling a spout looking style that pours the contents easily and consistently.

The entire fixture may be square or rectangular looking as opposed to round like standard shower heads.

How Do Led Shower Head Lights Work

How do led Shower head lights work well i’m glad you asked.

This type of shower head lights up in various colors when in use.

Depending on the shower head the lights may change colour or may stay the same through out the shower.

Usually installing this type of shower head is easy because it is designed to replace the existing shower head.

When buying you simply need to purchase a shower head of the correct dimensions for the existing shower outlet.

This unique bathroom feature is available at many home improvement stores and from numerous online shops that specialize in items for carrying out a bathroom upgrade.

The most common purpose an LED Shower Head serves is to turn blue when the water is cold and red when the water is hot.

This is a handy idea for some people because it gives them a touch-free feel of the water’s temperature.

In saying that some other shower heads change colors for no more reason at all bar being just visual appeal.

Shower Head Arm Extension

Some times when installing a new shower head and going from a standard shower head to a big kick ass round rainfall shower head as such.

Or feel like you want the water to fall down onto you while having a shower rather then smashing into from the side.

You might have to use a shower head arm extension to do the job.

There easy to install and can save you few dollars from relocation the existing outlet to a new position.

There are many different shape and styles of shower head arm extension parts to choose from.

Do a simple google search will reveal what you are looking for or even any good hardware shop or where you purchased the head will stock certain styles.

Exposed Shower System

Exposed shower system are becoming a standard shower in a lot of up market style homes and apartments.

They have this classic look about them of sheer elegance.

They are install on exposed wall in big open showers or can be installed over a bath as they can come with a bath outlet too.

Some exposed shower system are fixed with only the shower head and faucet which is the starting point to others have handheld shower head as well.

You can buy them with round or rectangle shower heads and in many colors and styles. Prices very as well from around $200 up to $1000s.