Leaking Shower Head

Leaking shower head

Do you have a leaking shower head or is the shower head leaking? Does it leak all the time or just when in use? These are the things we need to work out before we can repair it.

With all sought’s doesn’t matter what brand or style a leaky shower head can be very annoying and or costly. Depending on the shower head some are fixable and others not worth it.

Basic leaking shower head test 101

If your shower head is leaking all the time even with the taps off tight then you have a leaking tap washer. When you turn a tap on doesn’t matter which one and the shower head leaks around any of the joints then the shower head is leaking. If the shower head is leaking when the taps are off tight then turn on a tap and the shower head leaks out of a joint then you are lucky and have both to fix to stop them leaking.

First up if the taps are leaking we need to repair them. Pick up the materials you will need before you start to remove any taps. On the basics you will need 2 tap washers, 4 orings and 2 spindle body washers. Can use bit of Vaseline for lube instead of buying a tube. While you are there getting the parts for the tap and on your test found that you have a leaking shower head, you can either grab new shower head or parts to fix the one you have. Which ever way you go don’t forget to get some thread tape as well. Most times unless its a unique or very expensive shower head just replace the old one as quicker and in the long run its a new head with warranty.

Once home turn the water off and drain the water line. Remove the buttons and handles off the tapware but before you take the handle off open up the taps to let the water out.

Remover the spindles from the breach and then screw the tap spindle clockwise all way out of the tap body. Remove the oring and install the new one. Remove the body washer then install the new one. Lube up the thread and oring area and install back into the tap bonnet. Do that to both spindles and you have finished servicing your tapware. Install them back into the breach and turn the water on. Turn the taps on few times for test and check for leaks. If no leaks then where done. If the taps are off and there is still a leak still then you may need to reseat a tap.

Replacing a leaky shower head is a lot easier. Remove the old one with same spanner you used on the taps by unscrewing the shower head. Grab the thread tape and wind that around the thread at least 12-14 times as you are looking at the thread in a clockwise motion. Once done screw the new shower head on and check to see if the shower head leaking or not.

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