How To Replace Laundry Spout Australia

In this short tutorial, I am going to show you how to replace the laundry spout… These steps you will be able to replace the kitchen spout even the bath… I am in Australia so maybe different from where you live but principles should be the same.

As always remember I am a licensed plumber and you can my full disclaimer here.

So with that all said and done, let’s get into the meat of this short guide.

You will need a couple things.

  • New spout
  • Thread tape
  • Shifter

There is no need to turn the water off for this job. Unless you are going to turn the taps on NO water is going to come out unless you have leaking tap. then you might need to replace the tap washer.

First up remove the existing spout by unscrewing the spout with your shifter going in an anti-clockwise motion.

Once you’ve got loose enough you should be able to finish off unscrewing it by hand.

Once you have it all off, you can replace the cover plate or it may not have one. All are different.

Remove the thread tape best you can and then place the new cover plate over the brass lug if you have a cover.

Thread tape the lug up running your thread tape in a clockwise motion, going around say 15 times.

Screw on your new spout and tighten up until the spout looks straight or square.

Turn the tap on and test to see if you have no leaks around where you screwed the spout on.

If no leaks, the jobs done, pack up or move on to fixing that leaking tap.

As you can see it’s not a hard job to replace the spout and the steps are the same for bath, kitchen spout even replacing a showerhead.

The video below will show you how I do it for those who need to watch, much like me.


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