Step By Step Guide To Replacing A Tap Washer For Australian Taps

Hey guys, Jack here with another short how-to post for you guys. Today is a quick tutorial and will show you how to replace a tap washer.

It’s very easy to do and just remember that I am a plumber by trade and read here the disclaimer before you decide to carry out your own plumbing.

With all that said and done, there are a few things you will need.

  • Tube spanner or adjustable shifter.
  • Tap washer/s
  • Pointy nose pliers
  1. First off turn the water off to the house at water the mains/water meter. Depending on which tap you are repairing as some have stop valves installed under the bench like the kitchen.
  2. If its just the hot water tap, just go to your how water system and turn the water off there, just remember this will only turn the hot side off.
  3. I fully recommend to turn the mains off and while you have the water off, you might as well do both hot n cold valves.
  4. Whichever you decide, once the water is off open up the tap to drain any water that is in the lines. Another reason to open the tap is it takes the pressure off the valve, seat and makes it easier to loosen off the spindle.
  5. Remove the button which is the nut that holds the tap on in the location.
  6. Remove the spings if you have it and the flange cover plate.
  7. Loosen off the spindle with your choice of tool and unscrew a fully removing it from the breach.
  8. Depending on how worn the washer is, it may stay dislodged in the seat. Just use the pliers and remove it so it doesn’t fowl with the new one being installed.
  9. Place the new tap washer in the locating hole at the end of the spindle.
  10. Reinsert the spindle back into the breach and tighten up.How To Replace A Tap Washer In Australia
  11. Sit the handle on the shaft of the spindle and close the tap off and turn the water on. All were doing here is checking to make sure there is no water leak.
  12. With the water on, turn the tap on and check for any water leaking on the seal where you screwed the spindle back into the breach.
  13. If no leaks remove the handle and install the flange, springs if you have them and place the handle back on and screw on the button nut.How To Replace A Tap Washer In Australia
  14. Done and dusted, that is how easy it is to replace a tap washer on any tap here in Australia.

The main key point here is to make sure you have turned the water off.

Here is a video of all the steps put together.

If you want to reseat the taps check out this video and how-to guide

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