How to Reseat a Leaking Tap

how to reseat a leaking tap
how to reseat a leaking tap

How to Reseat a Leaking Tap

How to reseat a leaking tap is easy. Well it is If you have tap reseating tool the right tools of the trade and know what to look for then its easy. I can say that as its part of my trade as a plumber. I get a lot of phone calls from customers asking for me to come and repair there leaking tap. When i ask what has happen 8 out of 10 say that they have installed new tap washers to the tap but its still leaking. Think it needs reseating they say. I go around to check it out and yep it sure does. Reseating taps with a tap reseating tool is a common maintenance repair to leaking taps so let me tell you how easy it is.


Reseating A Tap! You Can Do It.

When our tap starts to leak its often from a faulty or worn out tap washer. Tap washers are a normal wear and tear item that needs replacing over time and can be a straight forward job. Remove old tap washer put the new tap washer into position after servicing the spindle and go turn the water on. You turn the tap on then off to test and what happens drip drip drip. Its the same as it was before you started. You cant believe it. You have wasted all that time and effort to no prevail.


What To Look For When Reseating A Tap

When a tap washer stops sealing on the seat it allows water to bypass under the washer causing the tap to drip. Because water is under pressure the drip will always get worse over time and will go from a drip to a leak if not attended to quickly. The pressure of the water pushing past the tap washer acts like a knife and starts cutting into the seat. If you are reseating a tap and the tap seat is very bad after a few times then it may need replacing. Just be careful here as if you blow through the back of the seat with your tap reseating tool there is no turning back. The seat where the tap washer sits on inside the breach spindle housing needs to be smooth so when we use the reseater it cuts a new face onto the seat making a nice smooth surface for the washer to seal on.


Types of tap reseater tools

When you are looking at reseating a tap there are few different tap reseating tool on the market. I use the style that goes into my drill. Its quick cutting and less effort but be careful when using this style of tap reseating tool as when doing a reseat you just want to take the bare minimum off. Care must be taken when doing a tap reseat that you don’t take to much off the face. A tap breach only has so much of a brass seat for the washer to sit on. Take to much off the seat or if the seat has been done to many times the whole tap set may need replacing.


Once you have finished reseating taps install the tapware back into location and softly turn the taps off. You don’t want to turn the taps off hard just yet as you would have noticed there is a lot of brass files where the spindle goes. We need to remove all these files but because the water is off and can’t turn it on until the spindles are replaced so install them now. Turn the water on and go open the taps fully that you just reseated. Wash all the brass filings out by opening and closing the tap a few times until you don’t see anymore pieces of files coming out of the outlet. Once this is completed you have finished reseating a tap.

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