Tap Still Leaking After Reseating

If you have reseated your leaking tap/s, replaced the washers, serviced the spindles and still leaking after reseating…then this message is just for you.

It happens and it’s just one of those things, and in this post, I am going to go over and tell you what the possible reasons are.

There are really only two reasons why your taps still leak after reseating them.

You haven’t reseated the seat well enough and still pitted or the valve is faulty, brass filings or other foreign matter underneath the seat of the new valve.

More than likely it will be the seat not reseated good enough if you follow my steps here on removing the brass filings after you have finished reseating.

Just turn the water off, dismantle the tap and check the seat that it doesn’t look like this below.

Tap Still Leaking After Reseating

You need to have a perfectly smooth finished, as smooth as a baby’s bum smooth, just like the image below.

How To Reseat a bath tap and replace the washers

Just keep working on your seat until you get that type of finish.

If you are happy with the reseat and it all looks good, then it has to be the washer. No two ways about it.

Just replace the washer with a new one. There really isn’t too much more that it can be.

If you think the pit marks are too deep you can always try and tap a new stainless steel seat.

This can be another option and do recommend getting a professional in for this one.

Installing a new seat is the last straw before the need to replacing. But if the seat is to thin from wear and tear then your only option is to replace the entire breach.

Key points you need to know when reseating a tap is:

  1. Turn the water off
  2. Flush all the brass filings and remove any water filter or restrictors.
  3. Service the tapware while you have the water off and replace the washer, orings and body washer.