Is This Still The Best Crimping Tool For ProPress Piping? You Be The Judge…

If you are looking at getting the Ridgid RP 340-B Press 43348 Hydraulic Crimping Tool and not quite sure about it… before you drop down some hard cash on this tool … then this review is just for you…

Ridgid is the number one name in press tools the first choice of professionals who demand reliable performance and maximum productivity.

Their latest innovation is built to impress.

The Ridgid RP 340B press tool weighs in at just 8.3 pounds with battery attached.

The RP 340 is 17% lighter and 30% smaller than its predecessor the RP 330B.

However, it does offer the same power output of 7,200 pounds of force and an extended service cycle of up to 42,000 press cycles between scheduled tool maintenance.

That’s 30% percent longer, giving you more uptime on the job, more bang for your buck in time and saved dollars.

With its compact size and powerful punch, the RP 340B press tool is the industry’s lightest pistol grip press tool on the market today.

The max size pipe this baby can press up to is 4 inches and it also uses Ridgids standard series jaws, ring kits and its accessories allowing you to make more connections on more materials and more sizes than any other press tool on the market today.

The RP 340 press tool by Ridgid is designed to press copper, stainless steel or 2-inch PEX including RIDGID ProPress, MegaPress, Pureflow, XL-C, and Press Snap.

For pressing copper and stainless steel fittings from half-inch to two-inch use Ridgid standard jaws and rings for Propress.

For black iron pipe and schedules of 5 through to 40 and sizes from 1/2″ to 2-inch fittings use jaws and rings for MegaPress.

For larger connections from two and a half-inch to 4-inch use the XL-C press rings for copper and stainless steel fittings or the XL press rings for bronze fitting.

The press rings also provide greater access to connections in extremely tight places. Once connected the patented ball tip actuator jaw achieved an additional one hundred and eighty degrees of rotation.

Beyond pressing applications, the RP 340 is capable of cutting one and a half to four-inch no Hub and surface wait soil pipe with the press snap soil pipe cutter.

The RP 340 is powered by the advanced lithium battery platform rigid employs for its entire press tool line.

A corded AC power adapter is also available.

With a full charge, the Ridgid RP 340 B press tool can deliver more than 400 presses allowing you to work quickly and maximize productivity.

Indicators alert you when the tool’s battery is low, when it’s operating outside acceptable temperatures or when it needs service.

Industry-exclusive, the bolt sensor technology ensures the jaw is securely connected to the tool before the press cycle is initiated to confirm a good consistent press every time.

The tool also incorporates an internal microprocessor that monitors performance through cycle completion.

And of course, the RP 340 is backed by the lifetime warranty that is standard on every rigid press tool. Not only that you also get 24/7 product and field support.

Just a small part of the legendary reliability you get from Ridgid products.

In ultimate productivity the all-new RP 340 lets you take on even the toughest jobs with confidence.


  • Quicker, faster way to join fittings
  • No need for welds and safer in areas where flame can be dangerous
  • No need for hot works permits, mine sites, commercial buildings
  • Easy to use even the apprentices can use it


  • Needs calibrating after a certain amount of presses
  • They are expensive.


Ridgid is a household name among the plumbing industry to provide and deliver tuff tools and machines. The RP340 press tool lives up to its standards for quality and performance.

Who gives a lifetime warranty on a product if it’s not going to last or perform?

These tools have certainly changed the way and are the future. Propress can be used for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

And since it works on coppers, plastic, s/steel, and steel, for a water system, gas, and heating systems.

If you don’t move with the times as this is a game-changer, you’ll be struggling to compete, pricing wise without the use of these tools.

I’ve been plumbing for nearly 30 years and seen a lot of changes in the industry and this is another one of those love/hate changes.

Now, it’s your turn

If you don’t want to be left behind in the industry the time is now. When you order your press tool today you be getting the keys too:

  • More job completions in quicker times resulting in more revenue.
  • Fewer tools to buy, no need for copper expanders, benders, oxy
  • Save on the headaches of organizing hot works permits as well as possible insurance costs.

That’s right, this tool alone will allow you to be more competitive to others who are not converting leaving them fighting over the scraps… is that where you want to be?

And another reason why you should order right now is you are 100% safe to try it out for free.

All I am saying is try the press system out for 30 days to see if you like the tool, the idea and if it suits your plumbing style of works. If it does, you’ll be as happy as a pig in shit, which I think will exactly what will happen.

If for some strange reason your not a fan of the B press stool or system, the way it helps speed things up, how effortless it is to fix that burst pipe without the need to drain the entire water lines… then simple return using the refund policy on – and you’ll get your money back.

Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all).

You know where that will lead. No money, No jobs, No business. Is that really where you want to go?

Take a new action, and get a new result. Make more money, land more jobs, pay off the debt, go on that well overdue holiday.

Here’s what to do now, just click on the button below to grab your new ridgid rp 340 press tool crimping tool now at the best price online today…


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