How To Reseat A Bath Tap Replace The Washer Just Like A Pro

Hey guys, Jack here… In this post, I have laid out a step by step guide for you to reseat your very own bath taps, service the spindles and install new tap washers.

This step by step guide will work with all standard tapware we have here in Australia, but the principles should be the same elsewhere.

You will need a few things to do this little job, and as always you can read my disclaimer here

What you will need to reseat a bath tap

There are a few things you will need and they are:

First off, make sure the water is off.

  1. Open the taps allow the water to drain also takes the pressure off the seat
  2. Remove the handles and the cover plates/wall flangers that sits behind the handles.
  3. Remove the spindle with your adjustable wrench or tool you are using.
  4. Remove the tap washer and unscrew the spindle from the body
  5. Remove the o-rings from the spindle and replace with new
  6. Replace the red fiber washer
  7. Lube up the thread of the spindle and replace back inside the body
  8. Reseat the seat as shown in the video.
  9. Remove all the brass filings by the methods shown in the video.
  10. Reinstall the spindles.
  11. Attach the cover plates and place the handles in position.
  12. Turn the water on and test. Make sure to remove all the brass filings before turning the taps off fully.
  13. Clean up any mess and that is it all done.

As you can see it isn’t very hard to reseat taps and repair leaking taps. Just make sure to remove all the filings and turn the water off before starting.

Always replace the o-rings, body washer and tap washer and reseat every time. If you’re not going to reseat the seat and only replace the tap valve when it was leaking you just wasting your time.

8 out of 10 times just replacing the tap jumper valve will fail and leak.

These steps to reseating a tap can be used for all, bath, shower, kitchen, laundry as long as they are serviceable the principles are the same.