DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner
DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

It never hurts to have some idea about using basic hand tools for doing those basic plumbing repairs and odd jobs around the house. Here is a basic diy plumbing guide with tips for tools for the homeowner that you should consider having for basic plumbing work and doing those basic odd jobs around the house. Things like replacing a shower head or even replacing a prt valve on the old hotty the list is endless.

Basic Plumbing Tools

The basic set of tools that any plumber or in that way any hand man, diy person should have in there tool box will be the list below. While you won’t be able to do all those plumbing jobs they will allow you to do quite a few tho.

  • Adjustable shifter or spanner: I recommend to have 2. One 10″ and other 12″.Just makes easier for bigger nuts
  •  adjustable vice grips:Ideal for holding pipe or fitting while doing up a nut or tightening up a flex hose
  • Plumbers tape:this is also known as “teflon tape”,always good to have a roll in your toolbox. Teflon tape is great for ensuring a good seal on threaded pipes like when replacing showerheads. See how to put the tape on correct way to
  • pliers:multiple of uses from holding small copper pipe to removing tap washers out of breach when doing a tap washer change
  • Caulk and caulk gun/silicon gun:There are plenty of reasons why you keep caulk around the house from repairing joins in shower to fixing that leaking gutter even the misses vase you break

These tools will cover many basic projects. If you think you need more then go for it. Can never have enough tools in the box. Other to think about maybe a hammer, different types of screw drivers and maybe a cordless drill. Depending what job is at hand can always buy the tools when needed

Tools For Copper Piping

Soldering pipes can be a little tricky but it’s a fairly easy process if you have the right tools and understand the principles. Soldering copper is easy it’s when mixing with other materials like brass where it gets real tricky. As outlined in the video above some of the tools you might need if doing bit of copper work include:

  • Copper Tube cutters
  • Propane torch
  • Fitting brush or emery paper
  • Flux (and brushes)
  • Solder
  • Copper fittings

Working With Galvanised Pipe

Your house mite have old school galvanised pipes as a part of your plumbing system. Galvanised pipes were popular and are usually connected with threaded fittings. Most of these threaded fittings are starting to get very weak and start to leak so repairs are a often thing.

Recent repairs or new renovations done more recently might have copper pipes joined to galvanised (which creates problems down the road due to the reactions between the metals.) Galvanised pipes tend to have corrosion and build-up inside the lines, and while it doesn’t hurt to consider replacing galvanised pipe with more recent material there cold be a big cost in doing so.

As always, the tools you need will depend on the particular project you’d like to complete but this is a guide on basic diy plumbing tips and tools for the homeowner.