DEWALT DCE400D2 20V Max 1″ Pex Expander Tool Kit

Hey guys, Jack here… if you’re thinking of getting the DEWALT DCE400D2 20V Max 1″ Pex Expander Tool Kit for all your expanding needs… if you are just starting out or simply just updating… then this post is just for you. Here’s why

We will tell you everything you need to know about the Dewalt 20v PEX expander tool kit to help you to decide if this is the best tool for you and will satisfy all your PEX piping needs.

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Dewalt has been in the tool making industry since way back in 1922 when Raymond DeWalt, then superintendent of Seabrook Farms, perfects the first woodworking machine for the purpose of increasing productivity and versatility.

Today their 20v cordless range is interchangeable with over 100 different skins from cordless rotary hammer drill, saws, cordless hedge trimmers, and plumbing tools.

In 2013 Dewalt announces that it finally started producing its products in the United States and now has 7 manufacturing facilities throughout the US.

In this post, we are going to only be looking at the PEX expander tool, its pros, and cons, reviews and pricing.

DEWALT DCE400D2 20V Max 1 Pex Expander Tool Kit

The Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit is designed for the tradesman, its the fastest pex expander on the market today in 2020 compared to other competitive pex expanders.

The Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit can expand pipe from 3/8 to 1″ and with its automatic rotating head your guaranteed to ensure you get a perfect and even expansion every single time.

The full-length trigger makes its ideal for getting into those tight spaces or when at full arms reach and just need that extra bit.

The tool itself has a dual-sided hanging hook if you are one of those clean freaks who have to have everything in order and in its own hanging position, this will suit you to a T.

The rubber grip over-mold grip is standard on all Dewalt hand tools and helps prevent vibrations through the tool ain into the hands making it much comfortable for longer use.

If you are pulling an all-nighter or got short strawed for the burst pipe in the roof space the Dewalt dce400b has its very own little LED light on the base of the tool.

It’s a pretty cool feature and you really don’t take much notice of it until you like really need it.

The tool does come with its own belt clip making it easier to carry around when on site. Altho the tool does way 5 pounds by the time add the battery, it is a bit of weight hanging off your side all day.

The tool comes in both full kit, with two 20v batteries, charger the tool and 3 expander heads, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″, PEX expander grease and case. You can see it all here Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit


If you are just needing the skin as you are already a Dewalt fan, then all you need is the Dewalt DCE400B. You get the same as the kit apart from the batteries and charger.

And also you can use the tool with Uponor/wirsbo as well as with PEX.

What others are saying about Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit

From the customer reviews left on you will find the tool has an almost 5-star rating. They are all saying how easy the tool is to use and love the awesome battery life.

They also love there is plenty of power and that you can the batteries across their full range of 20v skins and tools.

Finally, it’s your turn

When you order your Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit you will be getting

  • The fastest PEX expander tool on the market today
  • A tool made in the United States.
  • A battery system that is usable among over 100 different tools
  • Backed by Dewalt’s 3-year
  • And a full kit that will do your most standard piping sizes

You can see why Dewalt dce400d2 20v max 1 pex expander tool kit is the perfect choice for you.

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