Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat White Review

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If you are looking for information on the Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat White you are in the right place.

We will give you a full overview of this heavy-duty toilet seat and explain what the features are and what the customer opinions are.

Where you can get the best deals and discounts and most important whether or not it does a decent job.

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If you are still here and want more info on this model let us take you on a closer look

Here are the features:

    • LARGER AND MORE LUXURIOUS SITTING: Big John’s oversized 6-W toilet seat features a contoured, 19-inch wide sitting surface that is durable, easy to install, comfortable, and accommodating.
    • STRONG AND DURABLE FOR 800 POUNDS: The toilet seat, cover, and hinges are injection-molded with high-impact, stain and chemically resistant ABS plastic. Engineered tough for long lasting durability, it is rated for over 800 pounds.
    • STABILIZING BUMPERS: The Big John 6-W Classic Toilet Seat employs stabilizing synthetic rubber bumpers that grip the bowl to minimize shifting stands 1.5-inches higher than standard toilet seats.
    • EASY TO INSTALL: Despite its durability and shelf-life, this toilet seat is easy to install. All you need is a wrench or pliers and under half an hour.
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This product is great for everyone, but is ideal for plus-sizes consumers as well as the elderly and physically challenged, making it the perfect choice for hospitals, health care facilities, public restrooms, or in your home.
    • Fits either round or elongated toilet bowl
    • Oversized stabilizing bumpers grip the porcelain to keep the seat from shifting
    • High impact abs hinges included
    • 800-pound weight capacity
    • 19-Inch front to back and side to side making it the largest seat on the market

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty toilet seat that is wider than the normal standard seat or needing one that will carry those few extra couple pounds then you will find that the Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat White is a perfect solution.

With a weight capacity depending on which one you get has either 800 pounds or 1200 pounds.

How they do this is by having a seat mold that is injected with a high impact stain and chemical resistant ABS(Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic secured with stainless steel hinges.

lowest priceBasically, ABS is a super tough polymer material that offers resistance to chemicals and heat

Once you have installed the seat to the bowl you will notice how stable it is due to the synthetic rubber stabilizers that stick well to porcelain bowl helping any movement when or if need to do any transfers across.

With an easy to install guide that comes with the seat, it will take you no time in setting up from start to finish.

All you will need to install Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat is a wrench or pliers to hold the nut once it’s in place and after the old seat has been removed.

These toilet seats are great for everyone to use.

They are designed for the larger framed size consumers and big and taller plus sized people’s as well as the elderly and physically challenged which makes them perfect for hospitals, health care, and your home.

The Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat also gives you a wider than standard toilet seat by up to 75% and will fit most standard and elongated toilet bowls being at 19 inches wide

All of Big John’s toilet seats are ADA Compliant so you have peace of mind knowing you are getting the best quality seat that is approved by the American’s Disability Act.

So if you are looking for a heavy duty toilet seat that will go the distance we think you have found it!

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Customer Opinion:

Now is the ultimate test!

What are people saying that have purchased?

The reviews of the Big John Toilet Seats are great and are mainly a 5-star rating.

You will see some 4 and 5-star reviews at which is great but there were a couple of reviews saying that the seat didn’t fit their bowl or it felt uncomfortable when sitting on for a while.

Due to the positive reviews, we don’t think you should worry about a couple of bad ones. For the most part, this is a fantastic choice.

Who Is This For?

If you are looking for an easy to install and heavy duty toilet seat for the home or hospital then you need to take a serious look at the Big John 6W Standard Toilet Seat White.

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