Best Toilet Seat For Obese

Best Toilet Seat For Obese People

best toilet seat for obese
best toilet seat for obese

When looking for the best toilet seat for obese people to use and that can stand up to us bigger people our choices are limited. Not only do they have to look the apart and have the latest comfort they must be practical and also must be able to make us feel comfortable and safe to use it. If you are like me and have broken a seat or two over my life time then you will know what i am talking about here. Standard plastic toilet seats are just a pain in the butt. what i have found that does are big johns toilet seatsThey are the best suited toilet seat for heavy people or over size people like you and me. They are well made and big john says there heavy duty then they are heavy duty toilet seats.

 Big John Toilet Seats

Big John’s toilet seats are a stylish ergonomic design has a more comfortable and contoured open sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet seat on the market. The way these toilet seats has been engineered are designed for the long haul with lasting durability. They are made of the highest grade plastic and is both stain and chemical resistant. These toilet seats are made for heavy people and consumers as well as the elderly and physically challenged.

Big John Toilet Seat Range

Big John’s heavy duty toilet seats come in a range of riser heights and weight capacities. There standard heavy duty toilet seat has a 2.5″ rise and weight capacity ranges from 800 pounds up to 1200 pounds capacity. There seats have a 75% larger sitting area over a standard toilet seat.

Having stainless steel hinges and synthetic rubber bumpers that grip to porcelain help to keep the seat stable even when doing a transfer shift. All big john seats are ADA compliant so piece of mind there knowing you are getting the highest quality toilet seat approved by the department of justice.

Installation- Installing these seats are easy. All you will need is a wrench or some pliers to hold the nut once it’s in place. Quick run through to install with these easy steps

  1. Remove old toilet seat and put to side.See how to replace a toilet seat here
  2. Screw the flange from the bottom all the way up onto the hinge. Do that to both hinges
  3. Install the hinges to seat. They are marked left and right
  4. Place on washer and then poke the thread through the holes in the bowl where the old seat was
  5. Install the nut onto the thread and tighten up firm. Don’t over tighten or you may break the bowl.

That in a nut shell how easy it is to install a heavy duty toilet seat. In fact that is how easy it is to install most toilet seats just main difference is instead of steel hinges and bolts there plastic.

Cleaning- Keeping your new toilet seat clean is much the same as any other toilet seat. These are made from a high impact ABS that is both stain and chemical resistant so cleaning is just a simple wipe down with hot water or using a disinfectant as such. Main thing here tho is not to use anything that is abrasive to the seat like a scourer pad.


That is our opinion about the best toilet seat for obese people. You can see there easy to install take about 5 minutes on a bad day and keeping them clean is much the same as your previous toilet seat. The only difference with these seats over standard seats are that they will last and stand the test of time. 

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