Sick & Tired Of Breaking Toilet Seat… Then This Is For You

If you’ve had enough of breaking toilet seats… if you are sick and tired wasting money on over-priced “so-called heavy-duty” seats… then this message on the best toilet seat for obese people is just for you. Here’s why…

As a plumber for over 20 years, I’ve been around the traps once or twice and I see what works and more to the point doesn’t.

For most choosing a toilet seat is a simple job. Go to your local hardware center, choose a color and style and that is it.

But… if you’re overweight or obese that job ain’t so easy, right! So in this post, I’m going to give you my best recommendation on the best toilet seat for obese people that are made and designed to stand up to fat people.

Which Is The best toilet seat for obese People

Well, what I’ve seen and worked over the years to be the best toilet seat is a brand by the name of Big John.

Big John is located in Canoga Park, CA and apart from making the best toilet seats for obese person they also have a full range of other quality products besides toilet seats for fat people.

All their products are made in the USA and all their seats are ADA compliant.

 Big John Toilet Seats

Big John oversized toilet seats are stylish, ergonomically design and have more comfort and contoured open sitting surface making it roomier than any other toilet seat on the market.

The way these toilet seats have been engineered and designed for the long haul with lasting durability.

They’re made of the highest grade plastic and is also stain and chemical resistant. These toilet seats are made for all consumers as well as the elderly and physically challenged.

Big John Toilet Seat Range

best toilet seat for obese

They have 6 seats to choose from and they all carry the same amount of weight of 1200 lbs apart from the standard 6-W which has a max limit of 800 pounds.

The 6-W is the only seat to have a 1.5″ rise where the others have a 2.5″ lift.

All big John’s seats have a 75% larger sitting area over a standard toilet seat given you more stability and peace of mind.

All the seats have stainless steel hinges except yep you guessed it, the standard 6-W seat.

With the 6-W seat, you get their durable ABS hinges, not as strong as stainless hinges so for a few extra bucks you might be better to choose the 1-W seat.

You also get with the seat, synthetic rubber bumpers that help grip the seat to the toilet bowl rim which helps keep the seat stable even when doing a transfer shift.

All big john seats are ADA compliant so you know they are made to the highest standard of quality giving you peace of mind, knowing you are getting the highest quality toilet seat approved by the department of justice.

Installation is very easy and will only take 20 minutes to install. When you order your seat, everything comes in the box so there are no special tools or parts require to install it.

Big John does say his seats fit on most round and elongated toilet bowls.

As you can see three of the seats are fully closed and three are open. The opening is standard size but the seats are much larger so bear that in mind.

How To Install Big Johns Seats?

Installation is very easy. Its a easy 9 step by step installation for Big John Toilet Seat ns they are as follows

  1. Screw flanges all the way up so that there are no threads showing
  2. Hinges are marked right and left
  3. Insert the Left Hinge through the seat and lid on the Left side* *Left / Right Hinges – Refers to the left and right mounting holes on the toilet when facing it.
  4. Insert Right Hinge*
  5. Put on the washers
  6. Mount on toilet and adjust flanges so bumpers are flat
  7. Be sure to put on the nuts with the beveled side up
  8. Finger tighten the nuts…make sure that the seat is mounted properly
  9. Secure the seat using pliers… DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

Check Out This Easy 2 Follow Guide How To Install Your Big Johns Toilet Seat…ENJOY!!!


While choosing a toilet seat is a personal choice, find ones that live up to its name being tuff, solid and strong can take a while to find just that.

Big John’s seats are not the cheapest seat on the market, short term but long term will definitely pay for itself.