Best Water Saving Shower Heads

Best Water Saving Shower Heads

When it comes to searching for the best water saving shower heads you will find that not all shower heads are equal and are suited for the standard hot water system that’s in the home. There are many shower heads in the market and quite a few that are able to work with a continuous hot water system, however if you need some info on the best water saving heads for your shower then read on.

Shower heads that save water

When buying a new shower head these days there is a huge push to make it a water saving one. They are a good idea for saving water but depending what type of water heater system you have they can be a pain to. When using water saving shower heads on continuous hot water systems the average water saving head is 7-9 litres a minute. Now lets say your current hotwater service heats 15 litres a minute or there about’s of tankless hot water. The fastest flow rate on the water saver shower head is 9 litres a minute. What this does to the hot water system is makes it surge. Because the water heater heats more water then the shower heads allows to flow through in any one minute the system switches off as the water in the heat exchanger is at temperature. As you keep using the water new cold water enters into the heat exchanger and fires the unit up again. If you have a water storage hot water tank there is no problem there at all.

What to do if your water saving shower head does surge

Now if you do have the trouble of hot water going hot and cold there is a little trick can do. Unfortunately tho this little trick will make the shower head full flow and not a water saving heads anymore. There isn’t any other way.

Remove the head from its location and there should be a little plastic disc where the thread is see below

Remove the disc and install the shower head back into location. Check for leaks and run the shower head. You will find that the hot water will stay at same temperature as the flow rate has increased through the hot water system at correct flow.


When buying water saving shower heads for the home make sure that it suits tankless hot water systems or you will have to remove the water saver then making it a non water saving shower head. Water saving heads are more suited to storage water tanks but can be adapted to continues hot water sytems.

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