Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve-How Is Yours?

A water heater pressure relief valve or ptr valve is the valve that is always more often

Water Heater Ptr valve
Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

then not forgotten about. It’s a very important valve that operates in a couple of different ways. One of the ways is that it can save you lots of dollars from wasting hot water and another and most important is that is acts as a safety valve. This valve helps to control the working pressures and temperature of the water heaters manufactures recommendations. Over time these valves become worn or corroded which in returns effects its operations and can fail as safety device as its designed to do.

The Need Of A Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

What a water pressure relief valve does is it controls the working pressure and temperature that goes on inside of the hot water service as it’s heating the water. When water is heated inside a closed tank like a hot water service it creates pressure and if this pressure isn’t released correctly though the temperature pressure relief valve it can cause a major mishap. Not only ptr valves used for the pressure side of things but temperature as well. All hot water tanks have a safety label on them with there specifications of what size water heater pressure relief valve is recommended for that hot water tank.

Don’t go outside these specs or you can cause damage to your hot water tank or worse to your self or others. This information is on the ptr valve itself as well but be careful as if someone else before hand has installed the incorrect valve you are about to make the same mistake so just double check against the label on the tank. It will read something like ht55, 1200kpa, 99 ℃ or alike.

So what that means is and we will use the numbers above that once the pressure (kpa) in the tank from the water being heated up exceeds this pressure (1200kpa) it will open the valve and release the pressure. Same goes for the temperature. If by any chance the temp gets to 99 ℃ it will open the valve and release the over heated water out allowing cooler water to enter into the tank. I can hear you asking but why let the hot water out. Well remembering that this ptr valve is a safety valve. It’s protecting the hot water tank and you. You will never ever need to have the water set to that temperature in a normal domestic home. If you do you are just wasting power and money to heat it to this temp and using extra cold water to bring it back to a usable temp while in the shower as 99℃ water will burn human skin badly.

Water Heater Ptr Valve
Water Pressure Relief Valve

A water heater pressure relief valve is purely for the heating side of things as a safety device if there is a fault with the thermostat and doesn’t switch off at the set temperature and keeps heating the water. For more information about hot water services and plumbing check this out here 


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