How To Remove A Stubborn Shower Head

Today we are going to go through on how to remove a stubborn shower head. Whether your shower head is broken or just want to replace it with a new model or look sometimes it may have other ideas and not want to come off easily. Hard water deposits and rust can lock the threads and make it impossible to turn even with the help of a wrench. Below we will go through few steps to remove shower head so you can replace it with a new one.

Remove Shower Head Fixed Mounted

Tip – You don’t have to turn the water off to the house so long as you have the shower taps off and don’t turn them on until finished.

Step 1- Depending what shower head you have now as some have a nut on the base or a flange style. If you have a nut style place the adjustable wrench and adjust to the correct size or if using strap wrench. Wrap the strap of a strap wrench around the base of the shower head and tighten the strap securely

Step 2- Twist the shower head in a counterclockwise direction. If it’s hard to move spray some lubricant into the threads and wait five minutes then try again. May take a few goes so repeat once or twice if need be. The biggest thing need to worry about is breaking the shower head off on the thread and not being able to grip it with your tool. If it feels like it’s going to break stop and call a professional as that would lead to more damage and you won’t have the tools to repair.

You can try vinegar instead of the lubricant spray as vinegar dissolves water deposits and calcium. Try and allow the vinegar to soak into the thread wrapped in a rag around the base of the shower head or arm and soak the rag with full-strength vinegar and let it sit overnight.

If that does not work after soaking with vinegar and or using a spray lubricant last option and this is heat. If you want can use this method straight up once you find it’s seized onto the thread instead of using vinegar or a lubricant but that is your call there.

Using a heat gun as such or small blow torch heat the area up where it’s tight. Hotter the better but there is a fine line as making everything catch on fire is to hot. As you hold the heat on the area and of course you can’t do this if you are using a strap wrench. You will need to replace that with a adjustable pliers as such and by this time it doesn’t matter if you damage the shower head or arm as you are replacing it anyway. Once you have it off then it’s time to install the new showerhead.

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