Raised Toilet Seat With Handles

Raised Toilet Seat With Handles

raised toilet seat with handles
raised toilet seat with handles

When in the market for a raised toilet seat there are so many options available its hard to know which one is right. Do you go with a raised toilet seat with handles that mounts on the toilet rim or go for a free standing with it’s own legs and frame. With free standing raised toilet seats they can be maybe more stable but also take up more room in the bathroom and could be bit more expensive then there counter part.

Types Of Seats:

The first thing you will have to decide on is either you want a free standing toilet seat on a frame or one that sits on the rim of the toilet. They both have there pro’s and con’s so it will be up to you which suits your bathroom area. Free standing seats take up more room then one’s that sit on the toilet rim but free standing seats have a higher weight capacity.

Most common seats come in a height of 4 inches but they also sell them in a variety of sizes from 3″ up to around 8″ thick. Once you have decided on what height you need that best suits you then you need to work out whether you have a standard or elongated toilet. Most seats will fit both but do check before buying.

Best way to see if you have a standard or elongated toilet is measure with a measuring tap from the front of the toilet rim to the holes where the seat if fitted. The measurement for a standard toilet seat will measure 16.5 inches and a elongated seat will measure around 18 inches.

Fixed Or Removable Arms?

Once you have decide on either free standing or rim type seat then the next decision is to have fixed or removable handles. Having removable handles offer more flexibility when in use then having fixed handles.

Example- A good example of this is like having surgery and you are in a wheel chair. You can install a raised toilet seat like this with removable arms and have one arm removed. What this does is allows easy wheel chair transfer. As you gain more mobility say from getting out of the wheel chair to maybe a walking frame then you can reinstall the handle therefore making it easier for you to sit and stand back up again from off the toilet seat. Then progress back to using a standard seat if applicable.

Most manufacturers who make these raised toilet seats that feature these arms are made from aluminum and have rubberized grips over the handles for added comfort.

One of the down sides of having fixed handles over removable is width. As wide as the handles are on a fixed seat is as wide it’s going to be where as a seat with removable handles can be adjust out or removed all together.


As you can see there is a bit involved in choosing a raised toilet seat handles. You have to take into account room of the area where the seat will be used to having free standing or fixed. If you are looking for more information about a raised toilet seat with removable arms then check this out here