How to replace a basin mixer tap: Your step by step guide

Hey guys, Jack here… you’re friendly plumber with more good tips and ideas… In this post, I am going to run through and tell you how to install a mixer tap for your basin, kitchen or even your laundry trough flick mixer as the process is all the same.

Installing mixer taps is an easy process and truth be known some make it look hard.

As always lets cut through all the fluff and get into it. I don’t have the time to be sitting around here writing words for the sake of it, and you’ve got a job that needs to be done. Installing a new flick mixer or you wouldn’t bere right.

How To Install A Mixer Tap

So with all that said and done let’s get going.

Flick mixers are being installed in all locations these days, even in stupid areas like walls. Hey, I’m not a fan of it but that is what the trend and people like so kudos to them.

I’m not a fan of having mixer taps installed in the shower or bath where there installed behind the walls. For the maintenance side of things flick mixers don’t seem to have the same life span as standard breach style tapware.

Flick mixers are a friendlier tap to use tho then standard tapware with a big handle to turn and easement of adjustment.

People with arthritis to the hands love them for the ease of operation.

What you will need to install a mixer tap

  • New flick mixer. These vary so make sure you get the right one for the right location. Basin mixers are shorter in the outlet section, whereas a kitchen mixer is longer. Basin mixers also come either fixed or swivel. Check that all the parts are there.
  • Adjustable wrench or shifter
  • Pliers or multi-grips.
  • Tube spanner or deep socket with medium extension bar and rachet. Size varies, you will see in the video what I mean
  •  towel

Removing your old mixer

What I am going to show will be a mixer on a kitchen sink.

  1. Make sure the water is off.
  2. If you have a bath, open the hot and cold water taps to drain the lines out. Normally they are the lowest points in the house. Unless you are in a 2 story then open whichever are the lowest hot and cold taps.
  3. Open the mixer tap and drain any water out.
  4. Now there really isn’t an exact step here to move it. It all comes down to you but this is the way I do it most times.
  5. Remove the new tap from the box and screw the hoses into the base. Making sure that the blue hose which is cold goes on the cold side and red on the hot site.
  6. There is no need to over-tighten the hoses, there is a rubber seal on them.
  7. Install the threaded rod and leave a little loose too.
  8. Then slide the base plate if it has one and then the rubber oring seal
  9. This is where the fun starts. Up under the sink is where the mounting bracket and screw/s are. Unscrew the nut with your tube spanner or socket, sizes do vary.
  10. Then remove the mounting bracket and rubber, now the old flick mixer should be loose and falling over in the hole on top of the sink/basin
  11. Place the towel under the water connections to catch any water left in the hoses or may come out from the lines.
  12. Remove the flex hoses from off the stop taps or lugs. Just where the silver braided hoses connect to the water lines is all.
  13.  Pull out the old mixer. Just jiggle the hoses, they will pull through the hole.
  14. Now place the new tap in the same location.
  15. Push the flex hoses through.
  16. Install the mounting bracket, rubber first then the metal bracket then the locking nut.
  17. Set the handle to the location you like it, say off to the far right or center. Any way you like then tighten up the locking nut below.
  18. Connect the flex hoses to the water points and do uptight. Same don’t overtighten as there are rubber seals in the hoses and NO need for plumbers tape on the threads.
  19. Go turn the water on and leed the lines through. While you have the water running check your joins for any leaks if any just tighten up and then pack up.
  20. Once all cleaned up and everything squared away then its beer time.

Ok well, that is it all done. That is my sequence when swapping out new single-lever mixer tap. Need to replace your showerhead, then see how I do it here.