How To Install Mixer Taps

How To Install Mixer Taps The Easy Way.

Installing mixer taps is a easy task if there is existing mixer there to start with.

kitchen mixer taps
mixer taps

It’s not uncommon these days to have mixer taps being installed in the laundry trough,  shower, bath, basin, heck even the kitchen sink. I’m not a fan of having mixer taps installed in the shower or bath where there installed behind the walls. For maintenance side of things flick mixers don’t seem to have the same life span as standard breach style tapware. Flick mixers are a more friendlier tap to use tho then standard tapware with a big handle to turn and easement of adjustment. People with arthritis to the hands love them for the ease of operation.

Things You Will Need To Install Mixer Taps

Now when you buy a new tap bare in mind that there is a couple different types. Main types are kitchen mixer taps / laundry trough mixer taps and basin / vanity fixed or swivel mixer taps. The outlet lengths is where the difference is. Kitchen and laundry trough are always longer in the outlet where the basin style are shorter. A adjustable wrench, adjustable multi grips and deep socket or tube spanner to fit the locking nut. A towel or rag to to clean any mess or catch any excess water. Once that is all sorted lets move on to the fun part.

Removing The Mixer Tap

Make sure the water is off. Newer houses or recently renovated houses should have mini stop taps under the sink or basin. If that is the case then you will be able to isolate the water there instead of isolating the complete house. With the water off open the tap and drain any water that is in the tap. Mixer taps have 2 flexible hoses. 1 end screws into the tap other end has a nut. Disconnect the flexible hoses where the nut is, making sure you have a towel under the connection to catch any excess water spillage. Once that is done you will need the tube spanner or socket and remove the locking nut that is located under the tap. To find it follow the flex hose up to where it connects to the tap and there you will find the locking nut. As you are removing the nut hold onto the tap at same time and once the nut if off just lift the tap out threw the tap hole. Just jiggle the flexible hoses as they both will fit through the hole. When its free then throw it out to rubbish

Installing The New Flick Mixer Tap

There is a couple ways installing mixer taps and over the years this is how i’ve worked out my process to do it.1st up open the box and remove the mixer tap and fittings bag. Screw in the long all thread stud to the base of the mixer tap. Leave it little bit loose just to make things bit easy for you in time to come. Then fit the black o ring into the groove on the base of the mixer.

Install both the hot and cold flexible hoses to the base of the tap. Make sure you put the hot to hot and cold to cold. The taps are marked on the bottom and the flex hoses have a colour on them to. Red to red and blue to blue. You get the idea. Tighten up the hoses into the mixer taps base but not over tight just firm. Poke both flex hoses down threw the hole where the old 1 was removed and install the mounting bracket and nut to the mixer from underneath. When you have the mixer tap in the right position tighten up the locking nut and connect water. Turn the water on and check for any leaks and make sure you have the water connections around the right way. That is the easiest way to remove and how to install mixer taps apart from paying someone.

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