How To Check For A Leaky Toilet

how to check for a leaky toilet
how to check for a leaky toilet

How To Check For A Leaky toilet

With the price of water on the rise knowing how to check for a leaky toilet can save you lots of money and save lot of our precious water. A leaking toilet can waste 10’s to 100’s of liters of water a day. A toilet wasting 5 liters of water a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year. That works out to be over 1800 liters of water a year wasted. If you are lucky and have 2 toilets in the house then that could be double the waste. That’s like throwing money down the drain. With every liter of water wasting down the toilet its costing you money. Below we have put together a easy step through on how I test to see if a toilet is leaking and what to look and listen for.

Checking For A Leaking Toilet

Have you ever walked into a bathroom or toilet and heard a hissing sound? Walked past the toilet and heard it filling up but know no one had used it? Well that is a leaking toilet and you are in luck as I’m going to explain how and what to look for.
 Now there is a couple ways a leaking toilet cistern can leak. Through the over flow pipe or outlet valve seating washer or both. Now if the water float valve or inlet valve as some call it, is adjusted to high that will cause the tank to over flow.
If the inlet valve rubbers are worn and not isolating the water at the set level this could cause the tank to over flow.
In the center of the toilet cistern there is a over flow tube. Some older toilet cisterns have this pipe to the side.

If the water level is above that over flow tube then water is pouring down the tube and down the drain. Now we know that  the float valve either needs adjusting, repairing or replacing.

Next we will check to see if the outlet valve seating washer is working correctly.

Turn the water supply off at the isolation stop tap.There should be an isolation tap down below the toilet cistern either side of the toilet pan. If not you will have to turn the water off at the water meter or a isolation valve to the property. Once the water is isolated  make sure the water height in the tank is just below the over flow pipe.

Check the toilet bowl where the water sits on the bottom of the pan. If you can see a ripple on the water, or place a piece of toilet paper just below the rim of the toilet pan where the water comes out. If the paper is getting wet then the seating washer may need replacing. Don’t be afraid to wait a couple of minutes if checking with the paper as the bowl could be wet and give false reading. That’s the easy way for a leaky toilet check. Check out the video below for some more tips

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