How To Install A Single Handle Kitchen Faucet From Start To Finish

How To Install A Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Hi all and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. This time we are going to run through the basics on how to install a single handle kitchen faucet. You will see how easy kitchen faucets are to install. We will do a step by step from start to finish so by the end you will be fully confident so you can install your new Delta Leland single handle kitchen faucet.

Things You Will Need

There is a few tools you will or may need and they are not less then

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Allen Wrench which is included in the box
  • Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet

Lets Get Into It

Step 1- 1st up make sure that the water is turned off to the old faucet. That may include turning the water off to the home if there is no isolation point close to the faucet.

Step 2- Open the faucet to drain out any water that is in the pipes. Remove the old faucet depending which you have. There is 2 main different types and that is a single hole or 3 hole faucet. If you have a single hole sink there is nothing else you need. If you have a 3 hole sink and want to cover the old holes then make sure the new faucet comes with a cover bracket. See the pictures to see the difference. Note the base plate on the top pic. That is a 3 hole faucet with cover plate

Step 3- Feed the flexible hose through the spout and then the hub. Make sure that you have the hose and spout running in the right direction. Once that is done align the spout on to the hub. There is a little clip on the hub and a hole in the spout. Work it on until the clip goes into the hole. Attach the sprayer to the hose and tighten by hand.

Step 4- Feed the faucet through the hole in the sink or bench. Careful guiding the supply lines through as well. Once all way down take the mounting bracket and slide onto the shank of the faucet. Make sure the supply lines are with in the bracket or you will not be able to screw the nut on.

Step 5- Screw the nut on to the shank and tighten the nut up to the under side of the sink. This is going to hold the faucet in position once done up tight. You can use a screw driver on the end for extra tightness. Before you tighten all the way down make sure the handle is in the right position that suits you

Step 6- Place the hose weight over the hose and slide it on. Push the end of the hose onto the faucet outlet then place the clip over the join to hold it all together. Depending on which faucet you have as some don’t use the weight anymore they use a strong magnet in it place. See your instructions on which you have for more details.

Step 7- Install the water supply to the lines. Most new faucet lines are marked now with red for hot and blue for cold. Be careful not to kink the supply lines or you will have to replace them. Standard size fitting for the hose on the faucet is 3/8″ but if you have anything different you will have to get the correct fittings to suit from your hardware joint.

Never our tighten the fittings but make them firm with your adjustable wrench.

Step 8- Once both hot and cold lines are on and tight. Turn on the faucet fully open then slowly turn the water supply on. What this does is removes any air in the line and any foreign matter if any got in. Once ran for say 30 seconds turn the faucet off and check for any leaks.

For a more hands on or prefer to learn by watching then check out this video


There it is as simple as that. We have just showed you a step by step on how to install a single lever kitchen faucet the easy way. Please note that this is a guide and some faucets will be different but similar. If you are looking at getting a new faucet and not sure which one yet make sure you check out our review on the delta faucet.

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