How To Install A New Toilet Pan Cone Rubber

Hey guys, Jack here again with another quick tutorial. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to install a new pan cone rubber to the leaky seal you have now.

You will need a new pan cone rubber. They come in two different sizes and they are 50mm and 40mm.

The only part that varies in size is the part that fits on the pipe. The rubber that connects to the toilet bowl are all the same size.

If you’re not sure what size you need, just rip the old one off and take it in with you when grabbing the new one.

The video below goes through the steps that I do and there is no set way really.

This is how easy it is. Now for those who know me you already know I don’t drag it out and fluff it up.

  1. Turn the water off if you like and drain the tank.
  2. Remove the nut from where it attaches to the toilet tank and remove it from the housing.
  3. Pull the rubber off from the back of the toilet bowl.
  4. Remove the rubber from the flush pipe and push on the new one.
  5. Locate the pipe into the back of the bowl but don’t roll the rubber on yet.
  6. Attach the pipe to the tanks and tighten up then roll the rubber over on the bowl.
  7. Test it for any leaks and jobs done.

For more tips check out the home page. See how to install a new toilet inlet valve here


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