How To Fix A Leaking Toilet

How to fix a leaking toilet

How to fix a leaking toilet is a lot easier than you might think.

In this article, we’ll show you how to work threw and solve the problem of your toilet that is leaking. Don’t be afraid of the plumbing terminology. The fixes are straight forward even if you don’t have any plumbing experience. So now there is no excuse so stop wasting water and fix the toilet!

Toilet tank repairs can be a easy fix once you know the basics of a toilet. There is really only few places where a toilet tank can leak. Internally from either the float valve that is adjusted to high of not sealing shut or seating rubber or flapper rubber that lets water leak into the toilet pan. Externally from the pan cone rubber or if a enclosed type then from the screw seals where mounts to the pan. To find out which one it is do these checks below to find which it is.

First of all we have to find out if the toilet tank is leaking all the time or only when its flushed. If its all the time and you can hear water running then i suggest to check out leaky toilet check. If its a leaking float valve then check out replacing a leaking float valve on a toilet. If its the seating rubber then check this post out about seating washer replacement on your leaking toilet. There all the internal leaks on a standard toilet system so if its none of the above leaks then its time to check out the external one’s.

Toilet Tank Pan cone Rubber

If you are reading this part then we know its not the above problems with your toilet. What you have done now tho is eliminated the internal side of a leaking tank. There is only a couple more things to check to see where this toilet tank is leaking. On a standard toilet suite you have a holding tank or cistern that is mounted onto the wall. Between the tank and the toilet pan there is a pipe called flushing pipe. The rubber that attaches the flushing pipe to the toilet pan is called pan cone rubber. The other end just has a oring and locking nut that is screwed to the tank. The pan cone rubber comes in either 40mm or 50mm size. The only part of the rubber that varies in size is the part that attaches to the flushing pipe. Where it attaches to the toilet pan is same size. As mentioned before there is a rubber oring seal that can leak where the flushing pipe joins onto the toilet tank behind the large nut. Both are easy to replace once you have determined which one it is. Once apart might as well replace both the rubber pan cone and oring for the extra cost of maybe a dollar for the flushing pipe seal so why not.  With newer toilet pan there is another rubber seal called key seal cone rubber. Its taken the place of the standard pan cone rubber and fitting is much the same as standard pan cone rubber.

Simple Way To Install A Pan Cone Rubber

Replacing a pan cone rubber isnt hard at all. With a standard pan cone rubber 1st up turn the water off to the tank. Once water is off empty the tank of its water as its only a safety precaution. Once the water is drained loosen off the big nut on the flushing pipe that is located underside of the tank. Once loose let the nut slide down the pipe. Push downwards on the flushing pipe to remove the pipe from the tank housing. Then its a simple pull the pan cone rubber off the toilet and replace it. Installation is the reverse process of how to remove and that is a simple as that.