How To Fix A Dripping Tap

A lot of the time when homeowners are looking at repairing there own things can cost more in the long run. With so many reality shows on TV showing how easy it is to pull down that wall or build that dream kitchen. Some times things are not that simple but today i am going to show you how simple it is to fix a leaking tap. Fixing a leaking tap is simple task and below will explain how easy it is.

Tools You Will Need To Fix A Leaking Tap

Leaking taps and faucets can vary from job to job but the principle is still the same. You will need at the minimum tools required, an adjustable spanner and pointy nose pliers or small pliers.

Also you will need some tap washers,( jumper or tap valves). Standard orings to suit tap spindles and body washers. Now depending how many leaking taps you have to fix or are going to service will determine how many of each.  Rule of thumb is every leaking tap to fix equals one tap washer and body washer per leakin tap. Some spindles have two orings so for the cost of them just allow two for each tap you are going to service. A tube of tap water proofing lubricant for the thread on the tap spindle and that’s about it.

Water supply

When i have friends ringing me up asking me about fixing a dripping tap the first thing i always tell them is make sure the water is turned off. For a joke i say if you are ringing me up asking how to fix a dripping tap i say think back you should just stick to being an accounting and leave the plumbing up to me. Its a simple thing but a lot of people forget to turn the water off to the house before starting. It maybe a simple thing to do but is also the easiest thing to forget to do too. Once the water is turned off open up a tap and let the water that’s in the tap line to drain out. As you do this watch and see if the isolation valve has fully shut off the water to the house. If you are satisfied that water is fully shut off then grab your tools and lets get to fixing these leaking taps.

Spindle services for leaking taps and faucets

How do i fix a leaking tap process works on all leaking tap or faucet spindle. This is the process how to fix a dripping tap and works every time. Turn both hot and cold water taps on and let the water drain out (always have taps open before removing them) as this creates less stress on the spindle when you try to loosen the spindle body.

Grab your adjustable spanner and remove the leaking tap button and take the handle off the spindle. Once that is off remove the flange and by removing the flange you will gain access to the spindle body. The flange should just undo with hand or you may need multigrips or as such if its more than hand tight. Remove the leaking tap spindle from the breach housing and set aside. This is where the pliers maybe need if the tap washer didn’t come out with the spindle. If not then grab hold of the washer and pull it out, making sure you remove all of the old washer. When you are happy move on to the next step.

Separate the spindle from the spindle body by holding the spindle body in one hand and turning the spindle clock wise. When you have removed the spindle remove the black oring(s), using a rag give the spindle a clean and dry it off. Slide on a new oring and and using the waterproof lubricant apply lube to the thread, over the oring and spindle head. Slide the spindle back into the body, screwing the spindle all the way open and checking for a smooth operation.

Place a tap washer onto the head of the the spindle and replace back to its location. Tighten up spindle body to the breach and close tap off. If you follow this simple and easy process to all taps they will all be working like new again. Once all taps are complete turn the water and test make sure that all leaking taps are fixed and that is how to fix a dripping tap.