Frost Free Faucet

Frost Free Faucet

Living in a area that is knowing to snow or to have frost through the winter times you need to have a frost free faucet installed. There simple but easy design makes them ideal and lets face it in middle of winter freezing cold. Jump into the car to find the window all frosted up. Jump out of the car and head over to the outdoor faucet, turn the handle and nothing, zip, zero fully frozen. Having a frost free hose bib would have eliminated this problem.

How does a freeze proof faucet tap work

When installing freeze proof faucet taps the main key thing is to make sure that it has fall or grade as we use in the plumbing industry. Fall is when something is laid on a angel parallel to the ground. Well that is how these taps need to be installed. The handle and spout end must sit lower then the stem bottom assembly end or the end that fits to the pipe. See picture below as you can see there is a flange near the spout and handle. That is the only part that is exposed when installed but as you see in the picture where the valve and seat is located at the stem end it will be located inside the wall.

Now what happens is if the faucet is not on a slant or on a fall towards the spout. After you have finished using the tap water can stay inside the stem. What happens then is freezing cold air enters the stem through the faucet spout and freezers the water that is holding in the stem making it a non frost free hose bib. So very important that it has fall. Some times depending as these faucets come in different lengths that maybe need supporting half way alone the stem but make it on fall still tho.

Repairs are very easy and can always get parts for them. If you live where the weather gets cold in the winter time and you don’t want to get court with pants down on a freezing morning i suggest you install at least one of these taps.

Below is a couple different sizes of frost free faucet as for a idea as they can come in 12″ and upwards in length. Can get them in either brass or chrome and special orders you will get them any color if you are happy to pay. Standard diameter is 1/2″ or 3/4″ thread.