How To Change a Shower Head In Australia In Under 5 Minutes

If you are thinking of changing over or replacing your existing showerhead… Then this article is just for you… here’s a simple step by step guide showing you how to change a shower head in under 5 minutes.

You will need a couple of things before you crank off.

  1. Adjustable shifter
  2. Thread tape
  3. New shower head.
  4. And another job that will take 55 minutes to fill in the rest of the hour.

You don’t have to worry about turning the water off. It’s already off at the taps.

1. Remove the existing showerhead by using your adjustable spanner and unwind the outlet. Turn the head anti-clockwise and remove completely.

2. Remove any thread tape that is still on the thread to make it easier to remove the cover plate.

3. Remove the cover plate and slide the new one on in its place

4. Thread tape up the thread, making sure that you roll the thread on clockwise. I normally go around the thread say 6-8 times. It does depend on the thickness and brand of tape you use.

How To Change a Shower HeadHow To swap a Shower HeadHow To Change a Shower Head

5. Now, this is totally up to you what you do here. There is a water restrictor that is located in the base on most showerheads where you screw the shower outlet onto the wall.

You can remove it is like, which will give you full flow and not what the written on the box. Just remember you will use a ton more water depending on your water pressure.

By removing the restrictor you are here in Australia breaking the laws and really if going down that track you already are by replacing your showerhead.

Yep you must be a plumber at the time of writing this anyways and that is in 2020. As you can see I care NOT. In fact, I think its a horse ass hence why I love making these short videos for you guys.

At least you do the job and do it the right way most of the time haha

6. Screw on your new showerhead, going clockwise and don’t overtighten. If it leaks once you test it just give it another full turn. Try not to go back on the tightening. You can a little but not like half a turn as such.

7. Keep the lock nuts to the right side as you are looking at it and see in the video the reasoning why.

Righto guys, know you know how to change a shower head over and how simple it is to remove and install a new one for your bathroom, ensuite, home, office, flat.

Just remember with the restrictor, if you live in an area where the water is full of calcium like it is here in central West Oz just rip it out but don’t tell anyone I said that especially the Plumbing Board who just takes our money and lines their own pockets.

Hmm sorry about that, got off course there a bit.


Well guys if you have any requests or need any ideas leave us a comment below and I will see what I can do