Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod Review

Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod Review

If you are looking for information on the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod review then you are in the right place. We are going to give you a full overview of this anode rod and explain the features are, what the customers opinion is, where to get the best deals and discounts from and most important where it does a descent job or not.

We will also point you in the right direction where we would recommend purchasing from so you get the right heater anode rod that you will love and that will do the job and make you happy

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If you are still here and you haven’t quite decided on this camco anode rod  let us take a closer look.

Here are the features for the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod

  • Extends the life of a water heater by attracting corrosive elements in the water
  • Aluminum anode rod
  • .75″D x 9.5″L
  • Provides corrosion protection
  • 3/4″ NPT fits Suburban/Mor-Flo water heaters

Weather your rv anode needs replacing right now or you just want a spare for that just in case time you will find the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod is the perfect solution. 

The anode rod will provide you with extended life of the rv water tank by attracting corrosive elements that is in the water and stop those nasty elements attacking the steel tank itself

Using the best quality aluminum to make the anode rod. There long lasting materials which means less trouble and maintenance for you that will help increase the tank life.

It’s a standard .75″D x 9.5″L rod that will fit camco water heaters and also will fit suburban water heater tanks and mor-flo tanks because of its 3/4″ NPT nut

You will get a limited 1 year warranty which is great for piece of mind.

Another great feature about these anode rods are there so simple to install and will fit most rv water heaters and will take less then 10 minutes to install. All you need is a Camco 09883 5″ Residential Screw-In Water Heater Element Wrench which you can purchase from amazon as well

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Customer Opinions about the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod

Now comes the ultimate test!

What are people saying that have purchased?

The reviews of the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod are great for the most part. You will see mostly 4 or 5 star reviews at which is great but there is a couple reviews saying that the rod didn’t fit there tank but nothing major apart from ordering the right one. Due to the positive feed back and reviews this aluminum anode rod is a fantastic choice.

Who Is These Rods For?

If you are looking for a non expensive easy way to lengthen the life of you rv heater tank then you need to take a serious look at the Camco 11563 Aluminum Anode Rod You will save money , get a easy to install DIY product and you will get a VERY low cost for this product.

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At the moment you can pick this up for just $13.72 and that can save you $1.27 off the price right at the minute. What others have brought at same time when buying the anode rod is Camco 11691 Water Heater Tank Rinser $6.59 .

Check it out today it is our top choice for the rv anode rod

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