What Is The Best Toilet Seats For Heavy People

what is the best toilet seats for heavy people
what is the best toilet seats for heavy people

What Is The Best Toilet Seats For Heavy People

Hi all and welcome to Toilets R Us. In this article we are going to look at what is the best toilet seats for heavy people. Where you can get your hands on one from and why we recommend Big Johns.

Who is Big Johns Toilet Seat?

Big John designs and makes toilet seats as well as toilet Supports, Heimlich Helper, Hygienic Sprayer, the Window and Door Stopper, and now the Commode Chair! They are designed for the use of all people. Most of there products value safety and there well-being for all ages from children, senior citizens and the disabled. There main mission is to make specific products for specific needs that no one else is making or providing.

Why These Toilet Seats?

When Big John set out to make toilet seats for the larger community he wanted to be the best. He wanted to make the best and he wanted people who brought his product to have the best. So simply saying if you buy a Big Johns Toilet Seat you simply getting the best.

What Are Big Johns Seating Range?

Big John has made a toilet seat for all occasions that will suit you and your needs. There is 7 toilet seats to choose from all being different but same if you know i mean. There all built the same way and give you the best support only just that they very in height. Some of there seats are 2.5 inch raised where others are 1.5 inches raised. Another difference is the weight capacity. They range from 800 pounds to 1200 pound seat capacity.

Where Can i Get My Seat From?

If you want more information about Big Johns Toilet seats then you can check them out right here on Toilet Seats R Us. Just click on the link and it will take you to our in-death review. See here for more on Big Johns Seats

How To Install Big Johns Seats?

Installation is very easy. Its a easy 9 step by step installation for Big John Toilet Seat ns they are as follows

  1. Screw flanges all the way up so that there are no threads showing
  2. Hinges are marked right and left
  3. Insert the Left Hinge through the seat and lid on the Left side* *Left / Right Hinges – Refers to the left and right mounting holes on the toilet when facing it.
  4. Insert Right Hinge*
  5. Put on the washers
  6. Mount on toilet and adjust flanges so bumpers are flat
  7. Be sure to put on the nuts with the beveled side up
  8. Finger tighten the nuts…make sure that the seat is mounted properly
  9. Secure the seat using pliers… DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

Check Out This Easy 2 Follow Guide How To Install Your Big Johns Toilet Seat…ENJOY!!!

 Parting Thoughts

Big Johns Toilet Seats and products have been around for many many years now and will continue to do so due to there commitment to helping there customers providing the best product for the best price. Having there products approved by the American Disability Association means there is no limit on where they can be installed. That being said they can be used around the home or office and will stand the time of test for any condition.

If You Are Looking For More Information Then Check Out Our Review on Big John Standard Toilet Seat

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