Seating Washer Replacement On Your Leaking Toilet


Seating Washer Replacement On Your Leaking Toilet

Changing seating washer is a rubber seal that stops the water from leaking out and down the seat washer leaking toilettoilet. If the seating washer is worn or perished then it wont seal and will cause you to have a leaking toilet.

How To Replace The Seating Washer On A Leaking Toilet

First of all turn the water off to the toilet cistern. The stop tap should be located to either side of the toilet area below the cistern.

Once you have isolated the water push the button on top of the cistern down. Holding the button down all the way will keep the plunger open and therefore will drain all of the water out of the cistern.

Remove the cistern lid from the leaking toilet to expose the cistern outlet valve and working mechanism.  In the centre of the cistern is the outlet valve. There is a few different styles of valves  but all do the same task. All have similar washers just the size and thickness that are different.

Carefully undo the mechanism housing from its location mounts and remove from cistern. Make sure you have a towel or rag to catch the drips, as the  seating washer on the bottom of the outlet that you just removed will be perished and will leave black marks everywhere if not caught.

Once removed from the cistern and is dried off, remove the old seating washer. To remove the old washer depending on the style of cistern outlet valve there maybe a plastic dome nut that holds the washer on. Others are just a simple pull off and on style. Either way which ever style valve you have when installing the new seating washer, make sure that its centre to the base it sits on.

Before you install the cistern outlet valve back into the cistern make sure you check the seat is ok. The seat is where the seating washer sits and is located at the bottom of the cistern. If the seat is not smooth the washer wont seal onto the seat and will cause the new washer to leak.

Install the mechanism back into it original location making sure all the clips are fully located into position. Turn the water on and let the cistern fill up. After the cistern has filled check the water height making sure its still at correct level and you didn’t bump it when removing or installing the outlet.

When you are happy with the water height put the lid back onto the cistern making sure it clips back into place. Now flush the toilet and check for operation. Flush the toilet a few times to seat the washer into place then check making sure you have fixed your leaking toilet.

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