Raised Toilet Seats For Elderly

Raised Toilet Seats For Elderly

Raised Toilet Seats For Elderly
Raised Toilet Seats For Elderly

Raised toilet seats for elderly have become a god send for them as using a toilet can be a real challenge. Seats on conventional standard toilets are installed low which makes movement of sitting down and getting up so much harder. It’s a strain on your knees, hips and muscles. For some elderly people it is simply impossible to use such toilets. Not only it is uncomfortable it can also cause additional injuries and health problems. Raised toilet seats are perfect in those situations. They are completely adjustable, portable and easy to use and install.

What To Look For In A Raised Toilet Seat For Elderly

Before choosing any raised toilet seat you have to know what exactly you need it for. This will help you decide on if you want any additions to the seat. You can get them with arm and back rest to padded seats or support frames. They are all deigned to help you in lowering and raising yourself.

Next you need to know few specifications of your existing toilet as choosing the wrong model could compromise safety. This means you need to calculate the distance from floor to your existing toilet seat and calculate how much you want or need it to be raised that will suit you. You also have to be careful about the shape of your toilet. For example a oval raised seat will not be safely installed and fit on a round or elongated shape toilet. Make sure to consider which bathroom you will put it in before buying it. Generally it is best to install it in most accessible and frequently used bathroom for the user.

Most raised toilet seats can handle up to 250 pounds so if the person using it is of heavier build make sure to buy specialized fixtures with a higher capacity. Note that grab bars might have to be installed to help heavier people use the bathroom.

The Benefits Of A Raised Toilet Seat For The Elderly

raised toilet seats
raised toilet seats

Benefits of raised toilet seat for elderly are numerous. They make it more comfortable to use the bathroom with painful joints, hips or knees. They also help with the stability and shorten the distance that a person has to lower and raise back up from. Different additions like support frames and arm, foot and back rest help these people have more independence when using a toilet. Using a elevated toilet will prevent progression of the injury or illness as well. Conventional toilets often cause knee and back pains from sitting so low so raised seats would prevent this. It is also possible to add straps for extra safety.

Raised toilet seats for the elderly are also extremely beneficial to the care giver. It provides help and extra safety when helping elderly or disabled to use the bathroom. It can reduce the strain of lowering and raising thus prevent back pain.

Once you’ve decided on buying a raised toilet seat and calculated all your specifications and went through all the needs, make sure not to rush the buying process. There are many models, manufacturers and providers. Check out some reviews see what others say as this step is important because you will not be able to return this product, since it is considered unhygienic.


Investing money and installing a elevated toilet seat is a good decision to protect your loved one’s and ensure their safety and comfortably. If you are looking for more information on a raised toilet seat for elderly then check out our review about a toilet seat for the elderly

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