Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric Water Heater installation

electric hot water installation
electric hot water tank

With a electric hot water heater installation the main key point here is turn the power off. Everything else is really easy if you are just replacing old hws with new same size and type tank where we call it straight change over. I will explain the tips and tools you will need to carry out this job for the diy plumbing handy person.

What You Will Need

You will need some basic plumbing tools for the job so something like

  • An adjustable spanner and multi grips or a like.
  • Plumbers tape or thread tap. White is standard thread tape colour to get
  • New hot water heater tank
  • multi meter to check power
  • Flat blade and star screw driver

Doing The Water Heater Install

Now remember that this is for a straight swap out water heater install no pipe alterations nothing as you wont have all the plumbing tools to alter pipe work etc.

Turn power off and isolate the water to the hws. This can be done at the tank it self or at the main water  meter stop tap. Once that is done drain the water out of the old tank by using a hose on the bottom connection which is the cold water inlet and running the hose to a drain or garden. When you have that soughted remove the top water connection which is the hot water outlet and that will allow air into the tank so will drain faster or open a hot tap or the ptr valve.

Disconnect the electrical wiring and once tank is drained remove it out of the way so can connect new tank. Work out what side the water connections you are going to use as most new hot water tanks have left and right hand connection. Make sure when choosing that you have access to the electric element tho. The new hws will come with 20 mm brass plugs for the other connection ports that you not not using. There is 2 of them. Using the plumbers tape wind tape around the thread like below and going around 16 times

plumbers tape
plumbers tape

Screw the plugs into position and tighten off. Now install the cold water feed pipe to the cold water inlet on the tank which is at the bottom. You may need to remove the old brass nipple off the old tank and use on the new or if like purchase new totally up to you. On all brass threads always go around the thread with plumbers tape at least 16 times. So thread tape up the brass nipple and install into the new tank. Connect the water to the tank and you can start filling the hot water tank. As its filling up do the same to the hot water side of things. Grab the nipple using plumbers tape thread it up and install into the electric hot water tank. Connect the hot water pipe to is and if you have turned the water on you will hear air coming out. That’s a good things as the tank fills it’s pushing the air out. Once you connect the hot water pipe you will have to open a hot tap to let the air out or open the pressure relief valve as you install the relief valve drain back on too.

Next is connect the electrical and wait till tank if full. Full is when all the air is out and you have a constant flow of water coming out of the hot tap or pressure relief valve. When hot water tank is full turn power on to element and check all fittings for any leaks. If you are all happy then you have finished doing your first electric water heater installation

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