Why Does My Shower Have Low Water Pressure?

why does my shower head have low pressure
Why Does My Shower Have Low Water Pressure
Why Does My Shower Have Low Water Pressure

Why Does My Shower Have Low Water Pressure?

Hello everybody and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. Today’s article is about why does my shower have low water pressure now? We will check the basics like if the shower head is blocked up or if you have a burst pipe causing low water pressure. We will also explain if need be how to remove the water restrictor in the shower head as well.

Process Of Elimination is The Key

There are a few reasons why a shower can become low in water flow or even to the point have no water flow at all. Below is a list of the possibilities of what can cause low water pressure and they are

  •  Debris in the water
  • Mineral deposit build-up
  • Low pressure to the house
  • Water valves
  • Water leaks

First step is to identifying what is causing the problem in the first place. If you have good water flow through out the rest of the house bar the shower then you can take having a water leak, burst pipe or valve off the list. When you are checking the water flow make sure you test where there is no restrictor or aerator on it. As this maybe be blocked to if you have debris in the line.

Most Common Causes

Most common cause of having low water flow in a shower is things in the water line. These things can range from say if you have old iron pipe that is getting past there use by date and rust is falling off it and causing things to block up. Could be from some certain algae in the water. It looks a little like fine sawdust. Sometime the plastic pipe inside the water heater disintegrates and pieces of plastic go through the lines Sometime the water department is working on their pipe maybe from a burst pipe as such gravel can get into the house and plug up the fixtures.

Another thing that can cause the shower to block up is mineral deposit build-ups. These build-ups can clog up faucets and shower heads preventing full water flow coming out of them. If you think this is what you have you can try cleaning out the faucet heads and shower heads in your home to see if that help the low water flow.

Shower Head Water Restrictor

All new shower heads have a water restrictor in them. This water restrictor or water saver device also called limits the water flow through the shower head to 2.5 gallons a minute. This restrictor is the cause of a lot of shower head blocking up and causing the shower to have low flow rate. Anything that is in the water line can get court in the restrictor and over time just keeps building up till the water stops. You do have 2 options here if this does happen to you. Remove the restrictor, clean the old restrictor or replace the restrictor.

If you remove the restrictor and not replace it then you eliminate the shower head from being a water saving device. This is where you will have to make up your own mind in what to do there.

How to Remove A Water Restrictor In A Shower Head

  1. Remove the shower head from it’s location
  2. look in the end that you just unscrewed and you should see the restrictor. Most shower restrictors are located in this position as there is also a filter there to stop debris getting into the head it self.
  3. Using pliers grab hold of the restrictor and remove by pulling out. Now there are few different styles of restictors as well. Some are plastic and others are brass. Either way remove and then clean it under water removing any debries then re install it opposite way you removed it.
  4. If you not going to replace the restrictor back in then remove it the best way you can. Wont matter if it breaks just don’t leave any in the shower arm.
  5. Reinstall the shower head back to it’s location then test for leaks and operation.

Check out this video on how to remove the restrictor ENJOY…


Hope we have made bit more sense now on what can cause a shower head to lose its flow. If you have just one of those homes that no matter what you do you will never have high water pressure. You may live out of town, run on a gravity feed set up or pressure pump system. Either way there is a shower head out there can change your low flow shower into a high pressure luxurious shower that you have always wanted. Thanks fall calling in and checking us out.

Check out this article on the best shower head for low water flow



DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner
DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner
DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

DIY Plumbing Tips And Tools For The HomeOwner

It never hurts to have some idea about using basic hand tools for doing those basic plumbing repairs and odd jobs around the house. Here is a basic diy plumbing guide with tips for tools for the homeowner that you should consider having for basic plumbing work and doing those basic odd jobs around the house. Things like replacing a shower head or even replacing a prt valve on the old hotty the list is endless.

Basic Plumbing Tools

The basic set of tools that any plumber or in that way any hand man, diy person should have in there tool box will be the list below. While you won’t be able to do all those plumbing jobs they will allow you to do quite a few tho.

  • Adjustable shifter or spanner: I recommend to have 2. One 10″ and other 12″.Just makes easier for bigger nuts

    adjustable shifter
    adjustable shifter
  •  adjustable vice grips:Ideal for holding pipe or fitting while doing up a nut or tightening up a flex hose

    adjustable vice grips
    adjustable vice grips
  • Plumbers tape:this is also known as “teflon tape”,always good to have a roll in your toolbox. Teflon tape is great for ensuring a good seal on threaded pipes like when replacing showerheads. See how to put the tape on correct way to

    plumbers tape
    plumbers tape.
  • pliers:multiple of uses from holding small copper pipe to removing tap washers out of breach when doing a tap washer change
  • Caulk and caulk gun/silicon gun:There are plenty of reasons why you keep caulk around the house from repairing joins in shower to fixing that leaking gutter even the misses vase you break

    caulking gun
    caulking gun

These tools will cover many basic projects. If you think you need more then go for it. Can never have enough tools in the box. Other to think about maybe a hammer, different types of screw drivers and maybe a cordless drill. Depending what job is at hand can always buy the tools when needed

Tools For Copper Piping

Soldering pipes can be a little tricky but it’s a fairly easy process if you have the right tools and understand the principles. Soldering copper is easy it’s when mixing with other materials like brass where it gets real tricky. As outlined in the video above some of the tools you might need if doing bit of copper work include:

  • Copper Tube cutters
  • Propane torch
  • Fitting brush or emery paper
  • Flux (and brushes)
  • Solder
  • Copper fittings

Working With Galvanised Pipe

Your house mite have old school galvanised pipes as a part of your plumbing system. Galvanised pipes were popular and are usually connected with threaded fittings. Most of these threaded fittings are starting to get very weak and start to leak so repairs are a often thing.

Recent repairs or new renovations done more recently might have copper pipes joined to galvanised (which creates problems down the road due to the reactions between the metals.) Galvanised pipes tend to have corrosion and build-up inside the lines, and while it doesn’t hurt to consider replacing galvanised pipe with more recent material there cold be a big cost in doing so.

As always, the tools you need will depend on the particular project you’d like to complete but this is a guide on basic diy plumbing tips and tools for the homeowner.

What Is The Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

What Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure
what is the best shower head for low water pressure
what is the best shower head for low water pressure

Hello all and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. This article we are going to look at what is the best shower head for low water pressure, how it works and, most of all where you can purchase one for the right price and not be ripped off.

What Is A Low Water Pressure Shower Head?

Do you have low crappie water pressure to the shower? You have had a plumber out and has checked everything out to find it’s all good. It’s just one of those things he says when the home was built. They used to small a pipe and as more people are using the water less pressure everyone gets. Well did you now that it could be as simple as replacing the old shower head and simply installing a new low flow high pressure shower head made by WantBa

What a low pressure high flow shower head does is it turns the low volume of water flowing through the shower head into high pressure offering a consistent powerful spray that performs even under low water pressure. What this means for you is that it allows you to have the shower you have always wanted with out expensive outlay of replacing pipes or rebuilding and renovation the family home.

How does it work?

A low water flow high pressure shower head is designed to deliver high water pressure with the same amount of water flow normally around 2.5 gallons per minute.

How this is achieved is by either having adjustable spray settings or a pressure chamber design. An adjustable spray simply condense the water spray from the head from a larger hole to smaller holes but in saying that will also make the streams hard and stronger. A pressure chamber works by adding air and pressure to the shower water, forcing the water out at higher pressure.

What Is The Best Shower Head For Low Water Pressure?

If you want a low flow high pressure shower head to turn you crappie shower into the shower you have always wanted then you need a 6″ WantBa Shower head. They are made and designed specifically to use when the water supply to the shower is low. They have a life time warranty and are made to the quality and grade that are used in hotels. Very well priced at just only $29.99(at time of writing) you can’t go wrong. If you want more information about the WantBA shower head then check out our review below

Parting Thoughts

The best shower head that we have recommended above where picked due to it’s high efficiency and the features. It’s popularity, high rating and all the positive feedback from users. We hope that this has helped you find the perfect unit that will enhance your shower experience.

Remember that the information is only a guide.There can be many facts to consider why you have low water pressure but at least you have maybe a non expensive way to at least get a real shower.

If you are looking for more info on the WantBa 6″ shower head then click here

What Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure

What Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure
What Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure
WantBa 6 inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head

Hello all and welcome to DIY Plumbing Guide. In this article we are going to look at what is the best shower head for high pressure, advantages of why you have an use a high pressure head and where you can purchase it one from for the best price possible at time of writing.

What Is A High Pressure Shower Head?

A high pressure shower head is made specifically to give you more water pressure while using the same amount of water you are already using. Most new shower heads have a restrictor in them to reduce the water flow down to 2.5 gallons per minute. Research has found that this is around the average water use people need for a shower. Anything more is just wasting water according to the researchers.

Well if you are like most people and want more water this leaves you with 2 options. You can either remove the restrictor and waste water or purchase a shower head that is designed to save water but gives you the pressure you want. Some shower heads get more pressure by offering an adjustable spray setting or by using a pressure chamber.

With a high pressure shower head you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to enjoy a consistent high pressure throughout your shower and you will to be able to cut down on the amount of water you will use.

Why Use A High Pressure Shower Head?

People who choose to install a high pressure shower head do it for really one reason. To have a high pressure, full power kick ass shower with minimal water flow and water wastage. However there are several other advantages why you should install a high pressure shower head. Here are a few reasons for you to think about and they are

  • Tired muscles will no longer ache after a good massage from your high pressure shower head. You will be able to take a hotter shower than you have ever imagined because thicker streams of pressurized water means you will feel more of the heat.
  • You will feel cleaner. Anyone who has ever taken a higher pressured shower can tell you that it feels like the soap is rinsed off more thoroughly. The shampoos and conditioners do not stay in their hair because with more pressure it is faster to rinse it out. They feel less slimy and just overall better about the way their skin feels.
  • With the simple fact that it takes less time to rinse your hair and your body, you will be saving water. Your showers will be quicker unless you simply stand in the shower to relax for the time that you would normally spend washing.
  • You are going to be able to experience clean, consistent, and reliable shower pressure from the moment that you turn your shower are to the moment that you turn your shower off

What Is The Best Shower Head For High Pressure?

After all our researching and reviews that we have done we have found that the best shower head for high pressure is the WantBa 6 inche Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head. What we like about it is that it fits any standard plumbing connections, is a water saving head at 2.5 gallons per minute. It’s a rainfall shower and most of all its a high pressure one as well. That is just a few of the things we liked about it. You can check out our full review below if you want to know more.


Now remember that this is our guide and recommendation. No guide is perfect and I know our guide is not perfect either. What we have done tho is hopefully helped you after reading the information above learned bit more about what to type of shower head that you need to pick up as well as where you can purchase from.

Check out our full review on the WantBa 6 inches Rainfall High Pressure Shower Head


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