How To Replace Toilet Seat

toilet seat

How To Replace Toilet Seat When learning how to replace toilet seats first thing we need to learn is to be safe. Always wear a pair of rubber gloves just to stop diseases spreading. Remember we are working with a toilet here. Like a lot of things there is many ways to do a job … Read more

Leaking Mixer Tap

leaking mixer tap

Leaking Mixer Tap This repair is done on a shower mixer tap but the repair is the same on any leaking mixer tap regardless if its a kitchen, bath or shower mixer taps its all the same process. The only differences is the size and type of disc that goes in them. You wont know … Read more

Best Tin Snips

wiss tin snips

Best tin snips Are you looking for the best tin snips on the market then wiss are up there. Over the past 20 years as a plumber and roofer there is only 2 brands of snips to buy. Wiss and gilbow You want quality as a reasonable price then they are it. Aviation tin snips … Read more

Which Hammer To Buy

estwing hammer

Which hammer To Buy- There is a wide range of hammers available on the market these days You walk into the hardware store find the hammer section and here they all are on the wall. Now the question becomes which hammer to buy. They vary in shape, size and weight. The different styles reflect different … Read more

Electric Hot Water System

electric hot water system

What is an electric hot water system? An electric hot water system is a hot water tank that uses power to heat water just like a electric kettle does. Smaller under bench tanks are great for the office while bigger tanks are made for the home. Electric hot water systems have a thermostat built into … Read more

How To Choose A Shower Head

shower head replacement

How To Choose A Shower Head When searching looking at how to choose a shower head there is a few things to consider before hand. Since there are heaps and heaps of different brands, types and sizes there is no one head that fits all showers. I will try and cover the most popular brands … Read more

How To Change A Tap Washer

fixing a leaking tap

How to change a tap washer Changing a tap washer is a very easy and simple process. All you will need in tool ways is an adjustable shifter and pair of plies. 1) Turn water off Make sure that you turn the water off to the house or building and drain the water out of … Read more

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