How to Reseat a Leaking Tap

reseat a leaking tap

Reseating a tap is pretty easy once you have been shown. Its a simple process and I’m going to tell you exactly how to reseat a leaking tap is easy. Well, it is if you have a tap reseating tool and the right know-how. There are a few things you will: A tap re-seater tool … Read more

How To Fix A Dripping Tap

leaking shower head

How To Fix A Dripping Tap-The Ezy Way. A lot of the time when home owners are looking at repairing there own things can cost more in the long run. With so many reality shows on TV showing how easy it is to pull down that wall or build that dream kitchen. Some times things … Read more

How To Check For A Leaky Toilet

diy plumbing guide

How To Check For A Leaky toilet With the price of water on the rise knowing how to check for a leaky toilet can save you lots of money and save lot of our precious water. A leaking toilet can waste 10’s to 100’s of liters of water a day. A toilet wasting 5 liters of water … Read more

Replace Toilet Fill Valve

Replacing Float Valve On Leaking Toilet

How to replace toilet fill valve on leaking toilet. Replace toilet fill valve on a leaking toilet is just one of those easy to do jobs with just a couple of hand tools that most people have in there home. We can replace the rubbers in any toilet float valve but the problem is that … Read more

Seating Washer Replacement On Your Leaking Toilet

Seating Washer Replacement On Your Leaking Toilet, leaking toilet repairs, how to replace leaking seating washer on toilet

  Seating Washer Replacement On Your Leaking Toilet Changing seating washer is a rubber seal that stops the water from leaking out and down the toilet. If the seating washer is worn or perished then it wont seal and will cause you to have a leaking toilet. How To Replace The Seating Washer On A … Read more

How To Install Mixer Taps

How To Install A Flick Mixer Tap

How To Install Mixer Taps The Easy Way. Installing mixer taps is a easy task if there is existing mixer there to start with. It’s not uncommon these days to have mixer taps being installed in the laundry trough,  shower, bath, basin, heck even the kitchen sink. I’m not a fan of having mixer taps … Read more

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